5 Golden Nuggets on Mobility and Lifestyle

Here is another great book, that I have recently added to the Book Club for Top Performance. I really enjoyed reading it, and in this blog post, I will give you some of the best lessons I have learned from it.

I almost only like books that are practical. Books that give you tips or tools, that you can put to use right away. You saw in an earlier post why I have a minor problem with Transcendental Meditation for this reason – however, this book is just the opposite.

Mostly it teaches you some of the basic standards your body should be able to live up to, in order to be an excellent runner, but many of the tips that it gives you, are very relevant to anybody.


Here are 5 of the best Golden nugget Ready to Run gives you on mobility and Lifestyle.


1. Hydrate properly

The book talks about how you are not going to get much hydration from water alone. The water needs to be delivered with other nutrients to your body, to enhance absorption.

One way to better absorb your water, is to drink it with salt. This means water and food goes great together. When you drink water without eating anything, you should consider spiking it with regular table salt, or if you can’t stand the taste, with an electrolyte capsule.

Ensuring that you are fully hydrated is going to give you maximized sports performance, plus protected joints, as you connective tissues also need to stay moist as well.


2. Wear compression gear

Wearing compression gear, has greater benefits than you would think. It increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which makes it great to wear at the office, where you sit or stand still all day, and it will also help you recover quicker from workouts.


3. Wear flat shoes

Wearing flat shoes will restore the natural expression of your foot. If you walk around in too supported shoes everyday, it will destroy the arches of your foot and the natural movement mechanics in your ankles, which will lead you to a great potential for injuries and inefficiency in movement.


4. Mind how you stand

Many of us have never been taught to stand correctly ever. This means many people make fatal mistakes in the way they position their body.

One of the first things you should remember is, to always point your toes straight forward, both when you walk and stand. This will among many things reduce your risk for knee injuries.

Further more should you mind if your spine is in a natural position. You shouldn’t slouch, and you shouldn’t over arch your back either. Find a neutral position.


5. Find 10 minutes to do mobility exercises everyday

This is the only amount of time the book requires from you.

I have started to try and do a few of all the mobility exercises every morning. That gives you a nice calm start on the day, and you just spend 2 minutes on each position at a time.


You can of course learn a lot more from the book, but here are a few ways you can start enhancing your life, now.

Thanks for reading.

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