5 supplements for CEOs and other business people

In this post, we are going to explore, which dietary supplements I view as the most beneficial for a high performing CEO or business person.

Normally, you mostly see high-performing/professional athletes take advance of the little edge that supplements can give them. The rational is, that even if it only gives them an extra edge of say 1%, that may be enough to make the difference, when parts of a millisecond gets them a gold medal in a 100 meter sprint. Or when that 1% adds up and accumulates over the course of an ultra marathon.

These people have chosen high level sports performance as their way of life, so why wouldn’t they maximize their own potential, right?

And if you have chosen to be a lawyer, salesperson, businessman, CEO or whatever, why wouldn’t you also take advantage of every edge you can get, now that you have chosen your way of life?

I strongly believe that, just like the ultra marathon runner, a 1% edge can accumulate and turn out to make a huge difference for you, when a year’s work in the office accumulates, gets summed up and analyzed.

That being said, I would like to present to you, a few of the most effective options, that I have utilized in my carrier so far, which may also help you to get more energy, focus and less stress.

Let’s go!



You probably think of weightlifters, when you think about creatine. However, when your body is saturated with this wonderful amino acid, your cells are able to operate on a higher level. All of your cells. Also the ones in your brain!

Creatine is almost a little bit unsexy and non-exotic, because everybody knows about it. But the only reason everyone knows about, is because it just works – and it has been proven again and again.

Recently in a study (1), it has also been shown, that creatine suppresses the body’s response to stress, by excreting less cortisol – at least during tough exercise. One might speculate, that it can also blunt the body’s response to regular stress as well.

Creatine is dirt cheap, and easy to take. Take 5 grams a day, and you will be on your way to start reaping the benefits!


Fish oil

Fish oil is very often included in health regiments, because of its ability to promote overall wellness and good health. Besides the fact, the brain utilizes omega-3 fatty acids for energy very nicely, fish oil is primarily included in this list for its anti inflammatory benefits. This both gives you some short term benefits, as an inflamed brain doesn’t run on an optimal level. But it also has some long term effects, protecting you brain against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s (which you can learn all about in the book Grain Brain).

So with this supplement, you may be able to stay on top of your game for a couple of extra years in the end!



I have here stolen the description of what adaptogens are from the website Examine.com:

“Adaptogens are a group of herbal supplements popular in Ayurveda medicine. When supplemented in advance of a stressful event, adaptogens are able to reduce the effects of stress on the body.”

As you maybe can tell from this, adaptogens can be a pretty valuable tool, if your carrier is stressful at times.

The list of different options is long, but some of the more well known and widely accepted as useful adaptogens is Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha.


Smart drugs

By getting into smart dugs you can fall into a pretty deep rabbit hole, because it can be complicated stuff. But it doesn’t have  to be. The problem with smart drugs is, you most times have to buy different ingredients and put them together for synergistic effects. The other thing is that you don’t always know what is safe, and what is not.

Luckily, some pretty trustworthy companies have already done the thinking for you, and I recommend products like AlphaBRAIN, CILTEP and GABAwave. I have had positive experiences with all of them, and they can all be considered safe.

Not all smart drugs work on everybody though, so you will have to do some experimenting yourself. Buy a glass of each, try it out, see if one of them works better and if it does, you will have it in your toolbox forever, for days where you will have to perform extra hard.

Never use one type too often, as the effects tends to wear off with continuous use.



Magnesium has become one of my new favorite supplements to “take”, and I say “take”, because I actually put it on my skin.

The mineral is virtually involved in all biological processes in the body, and therefore it is seriously important to get enough of it. However, most people don’t, and they are therefore advised to supplements with it, in order to have optimal testosterone levels, enzyme pathways and brain function.

Taking it in capsule form, can cause stomach problems for some people, and I therefore like to apply it in a magnesium chloride solution, directly on my skin instead. This mitigates the whole stomach issue, and you may also be able to speed up recovery in specific muscles, you’ve used earlier the same day during exercise, by putting it on them.

Apply it at night, as it also promotes relaxation and better sleep, so you will feel fresh and ready for work the next day.


Thank you for reading!

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