6 Things Free People Does

My greatest mission in life is to achieve maximum freedom. Period.

This has become clear to me the last few years.

I think, this all stems from having parents that did very little to control me. It has made me the type of person that hates restrictions, is skeptical of authority and weary of unnecessary obligations.

I am therefore on a quest to find the freest possible way to live, so both you and I can emulate it.

So far, the following is what I have concluded about how free people lead their lives.


Free people:

Doesn’t let technology control their life – they use it to maximize freedom. It was the original promise of the technological revolution – more time for leisure and fun – but most people haven’t seen it yet. Take control over your smartphone, laptop, Facebook, Twitter. Don’t let it be the other way around.


Work for themselves. Having a controlling boss can be a great drain on your freedom and personal creativity. Working for yourself is the ultimate freedom – generating automatic income is even better.

Free people work on new passion projects all the time.

You might not have the perfect business plan that is going to earn you millions, and that’s okay – I don’t either. But I have taken the initial steps to make my own first few dollars here and there as a place to start.


Own few things. The more stuff you own, the more it will end up owning you. Become a minimalist . That will allow you to quickly move your whole life from one place to another.

Owning a lot of stuff will always cost you time, money and ultimately freedom.


Does not worry about other people’s opinion. This might be the most obvious point in this post, but also the most important and difficult to master.

I currently have a Chinese colleague, who wants to go home to her home country and family very badly, but is unable to do so, because she is afraid that other people might think that she has had an unsuccessful trip to my country. So she forces herself to stay her for another few YEARS. She is heavily restricted in her freedom, due to her worry for other people’s opinion.


Makes their own criteria for success. Most people choose to strive for goals that have been given to them by society or their environment. Where I come from, a normal person might work towards getting a nice home, a nice car or a perfect family. Free people, on the other hand, might stop and think about, what exactly they want for themselves. It could be a deeper relationship with their partner or more time for hobbies.


Shows discipline. Like Jocko Willink says in the book Extreme Ownership: Discipline = Freedom.

It is hard to do things your own way. It is hard to go against the current. It requires bravery and discipline to stay on the path you have selected for yourself. It is easier to stay in a pattern that someone else has forced you into.


Stay strong.

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