Minimalism, Step 5 – Limit Exposure

In this series about minimalism, we are exploring some of the fundamental tools, you can utilize in order to make minimalism an easier way of life. This will then allow you to live a cheaper, less stressful and more fulfilling life. One of the things we have learned so far, is to cultivate a gratitude … Læs mere Minimalism, Step 5 – Limit Exposure

Minimalism, Step 4 – Few Many Things

So far, in this mini series about minimalism, we have learned how to see products for what they really are, and thereafter plan for what we really need (1,2,3). When practicing minimalism, we should strive to own only what is necessary, in order to avoid the stress of having too many things that slows us … Læs mere Minimalism, Step 4 – Few Many Things

Minimalism, Step 3 – The List

Thank you dear reader for checking out this third post in my mini series about minimalism. In the first post, we talked about how you should be mindful about the functionalities you spend money on, so you avoid buying something you “already own”. In the next post, we discovered how you can tame your need to buy new … Læs mere Minimalism, Step 3 – The List

The problematic aspect of the minimalist movement

I love that minimalism has won as much ground as it has these days. Questioning the whole buy-and-throw-out mentality, that is endemic to our society, can only be interpreted as something good. However, most of the minimalists you see talking about the subject on the web, are neglecting a crucial part of the conversation. They … Læs mere The problematic aspect of the minimalist movement

Acquire these 2 skills to increase your sense of freedom

Freedom is at the root of everything I write about on this blog. I write about minimalism because it eliminates your dependents on stuff and your fascination for it. I write about financial freedom because… Well, you can probably guess why. The minimal and frugal way of life are both nice, because they increase the … Læs mere Acquire these 2 skills to increase your sense of freedom

Make them work for you

With the urbanization, gentrification and economic polarization of modern society, that the developed world is experiencing currently, it is getting increasingly normal to talk about “an elite” that supposedly controls everything and isolates itself from the rest of the common folk. I don’t know if this phenomenon of an elite is anything particularly new in … Læs mere Make them work for you

Evaluating your latest timehack

Lately, I have been contemplating the idea of getting myself one of those fancy Apple watches, since my brain tells me that it might be able to add value to my life. Since I identify as a man who enjoys the benefits of “simple living” or minimalism, you can imagine how the thought of getting … Læs mere Evaluating your latest timehack

Working More Than Necessary

This post will only be applicable to those who don’t absolutely love their jobs. That should be around half of the readers (1). You may, therefore, skip this one if you are totally satisfied at work. Not long ago, I quit my first real “adult” job, because I wasn’t happy there. After having been there for … Læs mere Working More Than Necessary