A Quick Tip for Sleeping Better

To me, health is all about optimizing for performance. And when it comes to making an overall optimization, that is going to have a positive impact on all aspects of health, you want start out with sleep.

I do several things to enhance sleep quality, and today I will tell you about two of my favorite hacks, and how you can easily combine them.

It should come as no surprise to most people that managing light and noise at night, can have a positive impact on how well you sleep. A great Idea is to install blackout curtains in your bedroom, and reduce noise however you best can. But the easiest, and cheapest thing you can do to begin with, is buying a sleep mask that both covers your eyes and ears. This is even a sleep hack you can put in your bag and take with you on the road.

I use the Sleep Master sleep mask for this. It is comfortable and works like magic.

Another tool I frequently use for sleep is the smell of lavender. Essential lavender oil is one of those aroma therapy techniques that actually has sound science behind it (1). By exposing yourself to the smell of lavender, you can reduce stress/anxiety, improve sleep quality and even enhance the overall smell of your bedroom J

Normally, you put a few drops of the lavender oil into to an air diffuser, to distribute the smell throughout out the room.

This may all sound like old advice to most health nerds out there, so here is the actual tip of this post:

Put a few drops of the lavender oil directly on to the sleep mask itself!

This eliminates the need for an air diffuser and ensures that you always remember to utilize the lavender trick, since the smell will stick to the mask for an extended period. You will even bring the smell with you, when you take the mask on the go.

You will also have to use less of the semi-expensive oil, as you will localize the smell to just near your nose, instead spreading it to your whole bedroom.

Just remember not to put the drops where your eyes are on the mask.

Hope you enjoyed the tip.


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