About me

ProfibilledeName: Max Micheelsen

Born: 1988

From: Copenhagen, Denmark

Interests: Health, Nutrition, Biohacking, Minimalism, Performance, Training, MMA, Living an Optimal Lifestyle.


I blog about the lifestyle that I lead, and I would love to inspire others to make themselves better and reflect on what the optimal lifestyle is for them.

I don’t have the answers for everyone. I just have minor success stories from my own life, which I share and document for inspiration.

My interests varies and fluctuates all the time. Right now my main areas of focus are minimalism and finance. This might change tomorrow.

All I want, is simply the best life that I can get for me and my wife, and what this exactly means is always changing with time.

It’s a journey, and you can read about mine here on this blog.

Go here for getting in contact with me.

Have a nice day!

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