Why I always keep a good protein bar at hand

Being the high-achiever type, that you probably are if you read this blog, makes it hard to live a busy AND healthy life at the same time.

This is why you should always keep a good quality protein bar at hand, to make it easier to make the healthy choice in cases of decision fatigue.

It’s all about setting yourself up for winning in a week moment.

Nothing is more common than an energy crash late in the afternoon at work, and the vending machine companies, has build a whole business model around this. So to keep yourself from choosing the blood sugar spiking solution, when you are feeling the most tired, you should always keep a healthy alternative in the drawer.

High sugar content foods messes with your performance, and therefore you want something that is primarily composed of fat and protein, for more stabile blood sugar levels.

We cannot be strong and make rational decisions all the time – we have to expect from us selves, that we behave like idiots from time to time. This is also why I wrote the blogpost Do not expect yourself to remember anythingSo when life goes on autopilot because of stress at work and low blood sugar levels, you have to make the easiest choice a healthy choice.

This why I always keep a good quality protein bar at hand. I buy them in large quantities, so I get better prices, and as you know, I also like to do everything in batches.


I obviously like the protein bars from Onnit, since this website is sponsored by them.

But I also like the protein bars from Quest Nutrition.

I realize, this whole post has been based around a very simple recommendation, but since I benefit so much from it myself in my everyday life, I really wanted to encourage you guys, to do the same. So I hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading guys.

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