I am not poor

…. is what I would like to have several family members and friends understand.

Most of them hear me explain, that I am running a lifestyle experiment, in which I try to observe how heavy time and money respectfully weighs on either side of life’s happiness scale.

You only need to look for a guy like Epicurus, to find out other people in history has asked this question before.


I am not poor, I just avoid spending a lot of the money that I earn, because I feel like they are a tremendous tool for feeling secure, once kept, and on the other hand, evaporates all too quickly from my psyche and memory, once spent.
It is not that I wouldn’t enjoy a luxury item like a nice car. I have already owned a luxury car once in my life, and what I noticed, was that the happiness it brought me was extremely temporary, while the worries and anxiety that came with it were very long lasting. Mostly because I couldn’t really afford it.


I sometimes wonder why many talk to me like I am poor, even though they are well aware of the fact, that our compared net worths are all in my favor. Talking to me, implicitly, like I am poor, seems to stem from an insecurity they feel in themselves about their own financial choices.

It sure seems like I am able to make them question, whether many of their own decisions were all worth it.

I am not poor, I just think a lot about how to live life optimally, and sometimes you need to live without something, to find out if you will really miss it.

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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