An 80/20 analysis of your health strategies

After a few years spent, calling myself a biohacker, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion, that many of the available strategies in the alternative health field are an utterly waste of time and money.

This particular feeling was perfectly crystallized in my mind, when I read the amazing book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, which illustrates how most of the health-talk and the nutritionism out there, isn’t based on a solid foundation of science.

They say the more you know, the better you know what you don’t know. And as I have gone deeper and deeper into the world of health and nutrition, the more uncertainty and unknowns have shown up. We basically don’t know very much, for sure, about what makes us happier, healthier or smarter – consistently – in terms of health strategies.

Whenever you find out that some new health trend is based on low-quality science, you repeatedly end up going back to a few truths, which we can always count on, if we want to get healthier, like:

– Eating some vegetables

– Sleeping enough

– Doing some exercise, and stay active during the day

– Having some meaningful social relationships

– Practicing a little meditation, if you want to get really fancy

Every time we shy away from these very simple ideas, we have very little certainty about what a health strategy does for us in the long run.

Sure, it might seem like taking a fancy supplement with exotic ingredients looks great on paper (or in a petri dish). But our bodies are so incredibly complicated and poorly understood, that we rarely know how the whole system responds to a new influence – especially long-term, since many studies never run for more than a few weeks.

So, as I advocate we save our hard-earned money, for the truly important things in life, I will also argue that we shouldn’t waste resources on health strategies that aren’t substantiated by good science – otherwise we are just gambling with our money.

It makes perfect sense to spend money on a strategy that is going to enhance your ability to live up to one of the five principles I listed above.

But if you consider jumping on a new complicated bandwagon in health, you’d better do your homework properly first, to avoid wasting time and energy on something that makes very little or no difference at all in your life.

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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