Automatic Proofreading of Blogposts

I described in my latest blog post, how I have decided to get proofreading done on every blog post I write for other blogs. The quality of my writing has to be 100%, when I do it for others.

But if you know me by now, by reading this blog, you know that I will not accept taking contact to a proofreader, every time I have written a new post – I can only accept an automated process.

So here is the process I have come up with, for when I need to get proofreading done for an article:

The Process

  • I like to write most of my articles in Google Docs. I think it is a great place to work on articles, when you don’t finish them in one stretch.
    • What makes it even better for this scenario, is you can give out a link for your article, and the receiver can go in and edit everything.
  • When I am done with an article, I save the shareable link in the Chrome plugin Diigo, and tag it “proofreading”.
  • This triggers an automation in the automation app IFTTT:
    • IFTTT send an email to my virtual assistant from Fancy Hands, asking him/her, to buy a proofreading gig on Fiverr – for 5$.
    • I am also asking them, to ask the proofreader to notify me by email when they are done.

From my point of view, the process looks like this:

-> bookmark an article -> receive an email, when the whole thing is done.

And that’s all!


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