Automatically processing blog posts

I go through a lot of blog posts everyday, because I want to find inspiration for the blog, but also just because I like to learn and acquire new knowledge.

When I find an article on the web, that I like, I save it to Pockect, and then a lot of stuff happens – automatically!

I, of course, use feedly to go through all of the blogs that I follow. I really don’t feel like there is any other RSS-reader, that can compete with it.

In feedly, you find a button, that makes it possible to save articles to Pocket with just one click.

So I go through my feed with a very skeptical eye, delete a lot of stuff and only save the best articles.

When an article is saved to pocket, all of my automatic processes is started via IFTTT.

When I save an article to Pocket:

  • It gets shared on Facebook
  • It gets shared on Twitter
  • It gets send with email to my Soundgecko Account (So I can listen to it later, instead of reading it)
  • It gets saved on my public list in Delicious (So a Fancy Hands Assistant later on can see a complete list of this weeks shared links, and put them in my newsletter)
  • It gets saved in Evernote (So I always can go back, and find and search in the information that I have learned, if I want to bring it up again)

All of this happens, just with a single click on the Pocket icon in feedly, and I am probably going to add more processes to this along the line.

You can add a lot of other processes to this, and you can also use Zapier instead of IFTTT for more complex automations.

Try it out for yourself, and thanks for reading guys!

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

2 tanker om “Automatically processing blog posts”

  1. Thanks for the article Max. I am looking for a solution to automatically save to pocket articles from a WordPress blog I like, at the time they are published.

    The RSS feed won’t work since it contains only the teasers and not the full blog articles. I also tried using IFTTT, gmail to Pocket but I couldn’t find any receipe to properly work.

    I would like to read this blog articles on my Kobo e-reader since it works with pocket and it’s easy on eyes. Do you know a solution?

    Thanks, Vic

    1. Hi Vic!
      Have you tried using feedly as a trigger?
      I have had some luck making a category trigger in feedly to set up other aotumations – and it will sometimes solve problems similar to yours. Cheers!

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