How you should back up your phone pictures automatically

We all take a lot of pictures with our smartphones now a days. This creates a fragile situation, because we do not want to loose those pictures, and our phone can very easily break.

Furthermore, storing the pictures on your phone, takes up spaces and slows it down – this is why you do not want to store your pictures locally on your phone.

On the other hand, you do not want to waste time and have to remember backing your phone up, so I am here to tell you, how you can do it automatically and seamlessly.

You can do this with a combination of three great web services: Dropbox, Wappwolf and Box.

If you have a premium membership with dropbox and therefore have a lot of space to spare, you can also just do it with this single service.

But the way I am doing it is free and works on both android and iPhones.


  • The Dropbox app has a great  function, that lets you backup your phone pictures automatically.
  • Box had a campaign some time ago, and maybe they still have, were you would get 50 GB of free storage space, if you downloaded their app for your smartphone. Which is why I am using them as my main storage service now.
  • Wappwolf is a really nice service, that lets you send, convert and manipulate files, across your dropbox and box accounts automatically.

So if you also want to implement this technique on your phone, all you have to do is:

  1. Make an account for both Dropbox, Box and Wappwolf.
  2. Download the Dropbox- and Box app for your phone.
  3. Turn on the automatic backup function in your dropbox app.
  4. Make an automation in Wappwolf, that does the following: “Every time a new picture is uploaded to a specific folder in Dropbox, send it to a specific folder in Box AND delete it from Dropbox afterwards.

And then you never have to think about backing up your phone pictures ever again.

Thanks for reading. 

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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