Which is best? AlphaBRAIN or CILTEP?

I put up this picture on Instagram some while ago, with the accompanying text saying, that I was going to find out, which one was the best. AlphaBRAIN or CILTEP?

Later on, I was pleasantly surprised, when both the maker of CILTEP (Natural Stacks) and one of my favorite bloggers Ari Meisel asked me on Instagram about the results of my little self experiment – so here is what I found.

Both of them definitely had an effect – no question. They just work in different ways and can therefore be utilized in different circumstances for optimal effect.

Note that there is a chance, that the supplements will have a different or no effect for you, but here is how they work for me at least:

AlphaBRIAN – Good in social situations & for creative work

AlphaBRAIN (AB) was nothing new to me, when I bought it this time. I have actually used it several times before, and after using it again and again, I can absolutely say that it has an effect on me.

Some months ago, I actually did an experiment on quantified-mind.com with AB, where I was on it one day and off it the next, and kept alternating like this for 20 days, while taking a 10 minute cognitive test every day.

At the end of the experiment, the software showed me, that my brain was being more “flexible”, when I used AB. For example, the website has a test, where you constantly have to differentiate between color, quantity and type when a new picture is shown to you. It was in tests like this I scored higher on AB, while there was no difference in for example reaction time.

(I know, that there was no controlling for placebo here, but it still gave me some great insights).

This also makes sense in regards to how I feel when being on AB.

I often times find myself having more fun, when I use the supplement, and it is mainly because I am better able to make jokes and funny comments. I think this comes from being able to make connections between different thoughts and references, and this fits nicely into what I saw in my test results.

This is why I would recommend AB for occasions like networking events or creative meetings.

CILTEP – Good for long days at work

It was on the other hand, the first time I tried CILTEP, and I therefore don’t have much experience or data to back up what I can say about the supplement.

I will say though, that I am able to keep a high level of focus at work for a longer time, when I use the supplement. It is not that I come up with any particularly crazy ideas, it just takes me longer to hit my limit of heightened concentration.

So from now on, when I know that I will be having a long day at work with many things to do, I am definitely pulling this tool out of my toolbox!

I will really stress the point about these supplements being tools. I never take any of them everyday, as this would be pretty expensive, and the effects of most smart drugs also tends to wear off after some time of continuous usage.

So use them when you need to, in the situations where it makes sense.

Thank you for reading.

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    1. Hi Erica, yes sometimes I do. This is what Dave Asprey would call BP Intermittent fasting.
      Sometimes I also supplement the coffee with some soft boiled eggs.

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