The best time to start optimizing your process

In this post, I am going to talk about, when the best possible time is, to set a new routine, habit or process in place?
The post is as much intended to serve as an inspirational piece to you, as it is a reminder to my self.

Now, what do I mean, when I talk about optimizing a process or starting a better routine?
I am referring to that constant focus, that I think an effective person, always should put on doing everything in life better, or easier for that matter.

I talk a lot about outsourcing and optimizing stuff in your life, and there are tons of ways to do this.
You can learn of ways to do this, by reading blogs, listening to podcasts or simply by analyzing your own life and be more self aware.
And when you finally a think of way you can improve yourself, or the way you do things, there is only one simple answer to, when you should start implementing this new idea.

It is now.

In an earlier post, I have discussed how you should look at automations and optimization as little investments. The point here was, that if you pile enough small optimizations together, you will start to reap large benefits.

And if we keep holding on to the investment analogy, there is another factor that can determine a value of an investment besides the invested amount – and it is time.

Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time, in order to make our “investments” earlier, so that they are already worth a lot today. The only thing we can do, is to start optimizing/implementing (making our investments) now, to ensure maximum value in a given time.

Let’s take a practical example.
I wrote recently about, how you should always strive to eliminate all unnecessary clicks from your life. In that post, I among other things showcased, how great an app LastPass is (it logs in to all websites automatically, and remembers all password).
Now, I wish I had known about this app years before, so I could have started saving time much earlier, which would let to greater accomplishments by today – or at least more time on my hands.

But one thing is, that we have to know about these greater methods and systems before we can actually implement them.
Another thing is that we have to do it. Now.

So next time you learn a new neat trick, with which you can save time, save money, earn money or create impact – don’t be hesitant to try it out. The earlier you put the new system in place, the greater the benefits you will get, when time starts to accumulate.

Thank you for reading.

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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