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Welcome to my book club. Here, I recommend books about optimizing life, and show you where to find the best golden nuggets of knowledge. All books are 100% approved by me, so you don’t have to look for long for good books on performance. Hope you guys will get the same benefits, as I have gotten from them. Enjoy!

Book #1 Essentialism, by Greg McKowen

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In this book, you learn how to make decisions. It teaches you a system of essential thinking, which is a thought pattern, that lays the foundation for effectiveness. By practicing essential thinking, you will know how to and how not to spend your time, and prioritize it, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by commitments. Tim Ferriss calls stoicism (old greek/roman philosophy style) the operating system for modern entrepreneurs and leaders, but I call Essentialism the updated version of stoicism. Realize, that you don’t have unlimited hours left in your life, and prioritize them, so no one else will do it for you.

Book #2 Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius

Meditations ReviewThis is my personal guide on how to be a powerful badass. A private philosophy class directly from a 2000-year-old stoic emperor.

Meditations is a great book, that will help you find some meaning and truth to your existence, and how you should deal with all the trials and tribulations of regular life. It gives you a great framework for dealing with pain, suffering and other brutal realities of life. Read it, and you will carry on the lessons in your mind for the rest of your life.

Book #3 Beyond Training, by Ben Greenfield

beyond training book

This is one of the best books about health out there. In this BIG guide to optimal health, Ben Greenfield gives you 10 times more practical tips and biohacks, than what you will ever get in other health books. The book is very much skewed towards endurance sports, like marathons and triathlons. However, most of the advice can be applied to any other athletic endeavor, and the book is also chock full of advice, that will make your everyday life easier. I consider this book one of the best places to start, if you want get into biohacking and optimal health.

Book #4 Less Doing, More Living, by Ari Meisel


This book is about a productivity system that, without a doubt, has had a larger impact on me and this blog than any other. Everything I write about regarding automation and outsourcing, would never had happend, if it wasn’t for this book. Learn here how to eliminate stress and increase your productivity massively, by never having to do a trivial task again, so you can have more time and mental freedom to do the things you want.

Book #5 The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

The Power of Habit

It occurred to me after reading this book, that if want to live an optimal life, where we are fully in control: we need to understand and control our habits.

This book will teach you to do exactly that.

I advise you to, at least, read the first third of the book, because this will give you an essential understanding of how habits are created and changed.

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