My Book Reading Cycle

If you have been following me here on the blog, you know that I enjoy reading a lot of books. If you are a heavy reader like I am, you also know, that it can be difficult to choose, what to read next.

This seems like, it shouldn’t be a problem – choosing what to read from the great and enormous world of books. However, it is a problem, considering how often you must make this choice, and how big of a problem decision fatigue is.

Have you ever heard how Steve Jobs only wore one set of clothes, or how Barack Obama very consciously only switches between grey and blue suits? They don’t/didn’t want to waste any decisions.

For the same reason, I have come up with a routine for what to read next, so I don’t have to think about it too much.

I have decided, there are 3 aspects of my life, that I want to improve by reading books:

  • My health
  • My money
  • Myself in general

These are the 3 categories of books, that I cycle between, and in that particular order as well. So let’s say I just finished up reading a book on health, that means it is time to order a new book about money/business.

As a real example: I just finished reading the book Smartcuts by Shane Snow, which I consider a business book, and it is therefore time for me to read a book on personal development -> I just ordered The One Thing by Gary Keller.

Note that, there is often a big overlap between the categories, and I for instance suspect The One Thing to be a book on both personal development and business. Not the end of the world!

To make my decisions on what to buy next, I of course also use the recommendations from Amazon and Goodreads.

But what about you? Which areas of your life, would you like to improve? I suggest that you decide on 2 to 4 areas, and now you know your own book reading cycle! You can even apply this mind-set to the blogs you read or the documentaries you watch.

Thanks for reading guys!

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