Can you meditate and multitask?

Yesterday in the evening, I decided to make an active effort to go to bed insanely early, because I had been feeling a bit tired and sleep deprived lately.

I treated myself with some of the best sleep hacks that I know, so my body had no other choice but to go out early.

Here is what I did:

  • I rolled around on my foam roller for 10 minutes, and stretched for a bit. This is like getting massaged, which turns on your parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes you.
  • Next, I had some chamomile tea for obvious reasons.
  • Then I took 2 magnesium capsules, which has a sleep promoting effect, and also 3 capsules of a herbal sleep supplement
  • Then I took a short cold shower. Naturally, your body knows, that it is time to sleep, when your body gets cooler in the night. You can really force this mechanism by taking a cold shower.
  • Then I got in bed, and did Heart Variability Training with my emwave2, while listening to podcast!
  • Then I laid down on my nail mat for about 7 minutes (which also relaxes you), and then my body had no other choice but to turn off!

This all allowed me to go to sleep at 9 pm, and it is now 5 am, and I am writing this before work.

But the main point of this post was actually something different. What I found out about yesterday, that motivated my to write this post, was that I was able to do Heart Variability Training with the emwave2, and listen to podcast at the same time.

This makes it even more doable for a type-A personality, if he or she owns a HRV-device, to do some sort of a meditation practice!

I know how it can be extremely painful for some folks, to just sit there with closed eyes, and not think about anything. You often times end up thinking about other stuff you should do, instead of just sitting there.

This is why a an emwave2 is great – because of the “gamefication”. It makes a game out of relaxing, by letting you earn points and instruct you on how to breath.

Now I know, some might say, that doing HRV training is not the same as meditating. And they might be right. But just sitting there, relaxed, breathing, thinking about things you are grateful for and turning on your parasympathetic nervous system – comes pretty damn close to doing meditation.

When you are doing all these things correctly, the emwave2 rewards you by turning on a green light and then you start to earn points.

Yesterday, I discovered that you easily can learn, by listening to podcast, while turning on the little green light at the same time.

This was a great way of multitasking and a way for a type-A personality to do some proper relaxing.

Thanks for reading

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