Automation Gives You Discipline

This post is just another quick thought about, why I think you should strive to automate any trivial task in your life.

Why? Because it gives you discipline.

Honestly, in many cases, life-automation doesn’t give you that much extra time. We are talking about a few seconds extra here and there.

However, more importantly, sometimes stuff only gets done due to automation because you otherwise wouldn’t have the discipline to do it.

When I finish up writing this post and post it on my blog, I can easily go to Twitter and share it pretty quickly. But if it wasn’t for my automation system, it might not be done – for several reasons. I could forget it, I could get distracted or I could be less-than-usual proud of my work and thereby simply not do it.

Now, since the process is automated, I will do it for sure, no matter what.

Here is another example. I have a Hue lighting system at home. It makes sure that the lights in my living rooms dim in the evening, which gives me a mental cue to get tired, and think about going to bed. It gives me the discipline to be consistent with my sleep schedule.

My message is: live a more automated life! that is a disciplined life.

How To Build An Archive of Interesting Studies

If you are a guy or gal like me, who’s passion it is, to gather interesting information, synthesize it and talk/write about it later on, you know how valuable it is, to have your most important information accessible and right at hand at any moment.

Talking about and referencing information from multiple places such as books, blogs and studies can be difficult to organize and manage efficiently, so I have tried to come up with a solution for that. Læs mere How To Build An Archive of Interesting Studies

Saving quotes from books

I have become a manic reader this last year. I have gotten it into my head, that I want to write for a living some day. So I read many smart lines from many smart people, and I suspect, that there might be a day, where I would like to go back, and check out some of the best golden nuggets I have collected through the years. So I save all of my favorite quotes.

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Automatic Proofreading of Blogposts

I described in my latest blog post, how I have decided to get proofreading done on every blog post I write for other blogs. The quality of my writing has to be 100%, when I do it for others.

But if you know me by now, by reading this blog, you know that I will not accept taking contact to a proofreader, every time I have written a new post – I can only accept an automated process.

So here is the process I have come up with, for when I need to get proofreading done for an article:

The Process

  • I like to write most of my articles in Google Docs. I think it is a great place to work on articles, when you don’t finish them in one stretch.
    • What makes it even better for this scenario, is you can give out a link for your article, and the receiver can go in and edit everything.
  • When I am done with an article, I save the shareable link in the Chrome plugin Diigo, and tag it “proofreading”.
  • This triggers an automation in the automation app IFTTT:
    • IFTTT send an email to my virtual assistant from Fancy Hands, asking him/her, to buy a proofreading gig on Fiverr – for 5$.
    • I am also asking them, to ask the proofreader to notify me by email when they are done.

From my point of view, the process looks like this:

-> bookmark an article -> receive an email, when the whole thing is done.

And that’s all!


Publishing blog posts, by email?

I recently realized, that I feel a small amount of resistance within myself, every time I have written a new blog post.
I really don’t like, the final part of logging in to WordPress, to post it, and have to choose category, assigning a picture as featured and putting in links everywhere in the text.So I thought there must be a way to avoid “the pain”, that is going through the bureaucracy of my content management system.

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The best time to start optimizing your process

In this post, I am going to talk about, when the best possible time is, to set a new routine, habit or process in place?
The post is as much intended to serve as an inspirational piece to you, as it is a reminder to my self.

Now, what do I mean, when I talk about optimizing a process or starting a better routine?
I am referring to that constant focus, that I think an effective person, always should put on doing everything in life better, or easier for that matter.

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How to get a blog post shared on Instagram automatically

I recently started sharing a picture of all my newest blog posts on Instagram.
I actually thought it wasn’t going to be a very good content sharing strategy, because pictures of my computer screen isn’t that attractive to look at.
However, I think it turned out to be a great idea, since my posts have gotten relatively many likes, and I have seen some spikes in the amount of visitors the website has had, since doing it.
So, now that I have decided, that this is going to be a part of my routine, to share a new post there every time, I have decided to automate the process, so that I don’t have to think about it again.
(This blog post is actually going to be the first one, going through the new process:))

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How to come up with new business ideas (be lazy)

In this post, I will try and describe a paradox – a frame of mind, that I use often to come up with new ideas for businesses/services.

One of the things that I love and enjoy the most about life, is learning and expanding my horizon. Among other ways, I do that by reading books. Lots of books.

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