The 2/2 Rule For Controlling Your Caffeine Intake

Here on my older days, I have come to realize, that there actually is such a thing as too much coffee. Even good coffee…. Total bummer, I know.

Coffee and other caffeine containing drinks like tea has gotten a comeback, these past few years in the health community, which has gotten me and my peers all jacked up on Bulletproof Coffee and L-theanine containing beverages (tea again).

I love that all this deliciousness has gotten the stamp of approval, due to their high amounts of antioxidants and so forth. However, I still believe that there is an upper limit to the madness, when it comes to strong central nervous system stimulants like caffeine, and it must therefore be controlled and managed somehow. Læs mere The 2/2 Rule For Controlling Your Caffeine Intake

Are You Taking Too Much In?

This article is supposed to work as a good tip for you, if you are anything like me, and just as well as a reminder for myself.

I love to consume a lot of different information: blog posts, podcasts, books and documentaries. I tell myself, it’s good for my brain and for my future to be wiser. My biggest problem is, that I honestly enjoy it more, to put information into my head, than I do to put something out. Most of the time, I rather just read books all day, and never talk to anyone about it. I guess you could call me introvert.

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Learning from pain

I recently wrote a blog post, that was meant to be a guest post for a man that I look up to a lot. I have had a lot of success writing guest posts for people lately, so it wasn’t something that I was too nervous about.

Not that long ago, I had my first success with writing a meaningful guest post, and I remember being very careful, not to write something, that I wasn’t completely proud of – I really did put a lot of effort into it.

But now with this latest attempt to submit a guest post, it did not go so well.

After sending the post, I pretty quickly got a response back saying that the grammar in the first paragraph was so bad, that the approver didn’t even want to read any further.

At first I got very angry with the harsh response that I got.

Then I decided not to think about it for a while.

Then I decided to think about it again, and how I could come up with a solution to ensure, this would not happen again.

I am really into the stoic philosophy and the book The Obstacle Is The Way, and it teaches you, that there is a positive side to everything, and that you should only look for advantages, when life strikes you.

Writing is putting yourself out there, and it doesn’t feel good when the response comes back negatively.

So here it what I have decided to learn:

  • I can be sloppy on my own blog with my grammar, but I cannot ever take it lightly, when I write for someone else
  • Proofreading is better done by someone else than the writer himself (which is why I will come up with a new system for automatic proofreading)
  • I like it better, when people correct me in a nice manner, but I learn the lesson even better, when it gets told in a hard way
  • Sometimes bad experiences, give you inspiration for new blog posts


That is my takeaway from the experience.

I know this was not like a life or death experience. However, it highly affected my mood for that day, and I believe the lesson learned is as valuable as any.
Stay tuned! As I shall soon reveal, how I will get proofreading done automatically in the future!

How to grow as a person

I think most people who strive for success, has money on their list of big goals in life. It is understandable, they probably want the freedom money can give them.
If you want to become a successful in that area yourself, you begin by studying financially successful people. That’s what I do at least.
And when you do so, you find many of them saying, that when they finally reached the point of financial success, they felt like they still hadn’t won in the game of life yet.

You can see examples of this, in two podcast episodes, that I heard recently. The first one was Tim Ferris’ podcast ( with Tony Robbins, and the other one was a from an episode of London Real ( with a successful entrepreneur called Alex Ikonn.
A reoccurring message, that kept coming up in both episodes, especially from Tony Robbins, was that you don’t feel fulfilled as a person, unless you constantly grow, no matter how many figures you have in your bank account.

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