How to Stop Using Toilet Paper (and Save the Planet)

I know.. This headline seems ridiculous. But I actually think that I got a nice little tip here, that I would like to share with you guys.

It has baffled me, these recent years, how we in the western world can accept ending our “bigger” toilet visits by just using paper. Seriously, no water or anything? It is actually a little disgusting if think about it.

As I heard one friend put it:

No other place on my body, besides my bottom, would I accept cleaning off poo by only using paper!

The obvious solution to this is looking to the eastern world, and watch how they do it: they use a bidet spray.

I installed one of these in my bathroom a few months ago, and my life has just gotten a little better ever since. The bidet solution is cleaner, simpler and it is even cheaper and good for your monthly budget. I mean, water is cheaper than store bought toilet paper.

But what I like most about it, is how unwasteful it is. You eliminate the need for the plastic wrapper around the toilet paper, the toilet paper itself and the transportation of the paper from the factory to the store, and then to your home.

With the bidet you just need water. Period.

To be fair, I also use a towel to dry everything, after “everything” is cleaned. The towel is then washed regularly with a little soap.

But I still think that making this change, can have a nice positive impact on the environment. And for sure, also on your wallets.

I have tried to convince many of my friends to try it as well, but for some reason, they all seem very hesitant. I don’t know why – please comment below with your opinion.

My last money saver tip: If you live in an apartment with a small bathroom, where the shower is close to the toilet. You might be able to just use the showerhead and start today – without spending a dollar.

Again, please comment below. I want to understand the resistance to this 🙂

Thanks for reading.