How to come up with new business ideas (be lazy)

In this post, I will try and describe a paradox – a frame of mind, that I use often to come up with new ideas for businesses/services.

One of the things that I love and enjoy the most about life, is learning and expanding my horizon. Among other ways, I do that by reading books. Lots of books.

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But reading a lot of books requires a lot of time, where I cannot pay attention to anything but sitting in a chair or lay down on a couch, and not take care of anything else than my books.

So whenever anything, like chores or responsibilities, forces me out of the couch, I ask myself: “Is there any way, I can ever prevent that from happening again?” (Yes, like a grumpy old man).

Sometimes, this also makes you think: “Oh great, reading time is up! Now I need to do X, Y and Z!”…. “I wonder if there is any kind of service, that could do this for me, to make my life easier?”.

Most times there is. Sometimes there is not. Sometimes there is, but it could be done better.

And thereby, you get a new business idea!

Other times, you just think of new ways to optimize your own daily routine!

(For instance, me and my girlfriend now subscribe to one of those services, that delivers fresh groceries to you, for making dinner all week.)

With this mindset, you should quickly get some ideas for some businesses, or it should at least get you started, getting your first stupid ideas for businesses. But at some point, you will get some good ones as well.

If you are really lucky, you can come up with some good ideas, where the inspiration comes from a combination of the thing that is disturbing you, AND from the some of the great concepts, that comes from all the books you are now reading.

Thanks for reading guys!

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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