Define Your Values

We all know we have values. But if I suddenly decided to ask you, what your values are specifically, you might have to sit down and think about it for a few moments, before you’d be ready with a concrete answer.

For most people, their values are something undefined. They know they have them, they’ve just rarely articulated them very well. This was the case for me too, until recently.

I heard The Minimalist advice someone on their podcast, to decline a job offer that wasn’t aligned with their personal values – and I agreed, of course – but what does it really mean, if one hasn’t defined his personal values on a granular level yet?

It made me sit down and think, and define my own values. I tried to come up with some very simple words that indicate everything I want for myself.

The 4 words I came up with was:

–        Freedom

–        Growth

–        Love

–        Peace


I’ll shortly explain them here;



Freedom is very important to me. It is the sole reason why I promote minimalism and productivity on the blog. I want space and time to do whatever I want, as often as possible. I really hate it when I am constrained or told what to do.



I feel like I am dying when I am not growing. It is the reason why I read a lot, the reason why I train and the reason why I try to learn something new every day.



I think this applies to most people, but it is a high priority for me anyway. If I am not in a position in life, where I am able to show my love and appreciation for the people closest to me, I am not in the right place.



I am an introvert, I am a stoner, I am a loner, I am a nerd. I like meditation, reading and silence. I don’t like partying, concerts and I don’t get high on stress.


Those are my values. It feels good to have them fully defined. I’ll always now know: in case I am offered an opportunity to do something, which is going to impair my ability to live in accordance with these values, I should turn it down.



Taking a 30-year loan to buy a house will implicate my freedom.

Working 80 hours a week is going to prevent me from spending time and show love for my fiancée.

Taking on too many projects at a time is going to mess with my peace of mind.


Defining your personal values like this makes it easier to navigate life.

What are your personal values?

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