Dont make Bulletproof coffee with a blender – use a milk frother

Even though the maker of Bulletproof Coffee himself advocates using a blender when you make Bulletproof coffee, I don’t!

I will explain why.

I almost make Bulletproof Coffee for myself every morning. It is a great recipe because it tastes good, it wakes you up and the healthy fats in it, makes your brain work at an optimal level.

Besides, the drink lets you stay in a state of ketosis, where your body primarily is burning fat – which is always a good thing!

For those who don’ know, Bulletproof Coffee is regular coffee blended with butter/ghee and MCT oil, and I cannot recommend it enough.

But if you want to make it every morning like me, you are going go nuts from washing your big and clumsy blender, so here is a smarter way you can do it instead:

  1. Put your butter and oil up in a cup.
  2. Add the warm coffee until the cup is half full.
  3. Start mixing it with a milk frother.
  4. Pour in the rest of the coffee while mixing, and be careful not to spill.
  5. Now, you only have to pour over the milk frother  with whatever warm water you have left from making the coffee, in order to clean it.
  6. And then you are done!

This is a much more efficient way of making your breakfast, because it will save you a ton of time from washing the blender.

Since this way of making it is so much easier, it is also much more likely, that you will stick to drinking this healthy breakfast everyday, instead of eating something else that is unhealthy.

Hope you liked the post.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Do you replace your breakfast with bulletproof coffee or do you also eat in addition to drinking this?

  2. This is what I suggest too… either a milk frother or one of those blender bottles you get at GNC or whatever. A difference between how you suggest it and how I generally do it is I treat bulletproof coffee like cappuccino. You have your espresso part, and your ‘milk’. The bulletproof ‘milk’ base that I use is 6 oz of hot water, 2-3 tbsp of MCT & butter, a beaten and strained egg yolk or two, and spices/sweeteners to taste. The egg helps to emulsify the oils so they do not seperate out of your coffee as you are drinking it. I also add unsweetened cocoa powder which helps to keep the oil suspended. Heat and froth the ‘milk’ until its uniform and the oil slick stops floating to the top.

    Add a shot or two of espresso, stir, and drink. I really can’t even tell the difference between this and a normal cappuccino. If the egg takes too much of the bite out of the espresso, adding a tablespoon of peanut butter can bring some of the coffee taste back out, and gives the whole thing a little more body.

    IDK about all the ‘mycotoxin’ stuff and the grass fed bent in the actual bulletproof diet, but replacing carbs with fat in coffee is definitely a winner in my book. IMO bulletproof coffee made right tastes WAAAY better than normal coffee, and the MTC, butter, egg fat & protein fuels the caffeine kick way better than carbs do.. IE, less crash.

    Bulletproof being largely a marketing device, I have decided to call the stuff ‘nutritive’ coffee since there is a focus on actually supplying the right nutrients with the caffeine to feed the high. I suspect some really cool bulletproof variations are going to start popping up in coffee shops in the next 5-6 years.

  3. Hehe, clever!

    I found this site via googling “can you use a milk frother as a blender?” (it’s the 4th or 5th hit).

    I can’t have new plastics in my home, and the less electronics, the better, so I was considering a manual milk frother for my Bulletproof coffee or tea.

    I want the even mixing-in and emulsification of the fats to create micelles for the much better absorption.

    I haven’t had any of either the tea or coffee before, but I tried Bulletproof chocolate bars recently. I have adrenal fatigue and am likely quite mycotoxin sensitive. No jitters, and no crashes! Just clean, pure energy; I’d given up dark chocolate a long time before due to the noticeable jitters and discomfort that came with it, so I’m trying Bulletproof tea, and his chocolate/coffee truffles next.

    The data regarding the mycotoxins in coffee preferentially accumulating in the adrenal medulla (and this perhaps being a large part of the mechanisms for adrenal issue contribution of coffee), plus the reports of an adrenally fatigued person using Bulletproof coffee in his recovery have me intrigued and hopeful.

    I wonder how it will go!

  4. Sorry, mistyped:

    I don’t have “adrenal fatigue”; I have what might be described as “mild adrenal fatigue, and adrenal function impairment” due to (clinically blood-tested) mercury poisoning (following a semi-long-term exposure to improperly disposed garbage with a broken item that had contained mercury), which I’m working on fixing.

  5. Loved this post. I recently started keto, but it’s taking me a little longer than I had hoped to get completely under 20g of carbs per day. I feel I’m almost there. I am going to attempt to go on only the nutritive coffee (I like that term!) this morning but brought some cheese and veggies in case I don’t make it. So far, I am loving being off sugar. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be to give up donuts (and I love donuts) because the fats from this are so filling and I don’t get that crash, which is awesome. Keep up the great posts!

  6. Why do you need to blend it? I haven’t been able to find the answer to this anywhere. What exactly does it do to the coffee solution by being blended rather than stirred?

    1. Just stirring it, won’t mix the ingredients properly together. Of course, you can drink it like that if you want to, but I guarantee that it won’t be a pleasant experience.

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