Eliminate all unnecessary clicks from your life

I have before made the point on this blog, that there is no time hack, optimization or automation you should not do or set in place  – no matter how little time it saves you every day, because when these things starts to accumulate, it’s going to make a big difference in the end.

When all of your systems are set in place, you will be able to do everything faster, worry less about all the things you should remember and you will also be more likely to do what you should do, when it takes less steps for you to accomplish it, in moments of laziness.

A great way of pilling timehacks on top of each other, is to think about all the unnecessary clicks you do during your day.
For example, I use a printer many times a day at work – the kind of printer, where you have to use a pin code every time you need to print something. After reading a little bit about it, I found a way to get around this, and now I just have to press “print”. This saves me at least 8 clicks several times a day.

But there are tons of other places where you can look for these kinds of optimizations or click eliminations.

Here are some suggestions:


Lastpass is a plugin for Chrome and it is really amazing. It remembers all your usernames and passwords for you, fills them in when you meet a login screen and the coolest part is, it also clicks the login-button for you. Many key strokes on the keyboard and a very often used click on the mouse is saved.


IFTTT is a service that lets you set up automations between web services, and if you haven’t heard about it before, a new world of productivity opens up before. You can basically set up automations in all the most used consumer apps, and there is really no limit to how many clicks a day this can say you.

Launch Center or Widgets

Smart phones are notoriously bad at eliminating all unnecessary clicks, which makes you almost not what to use them for certain tasks. However, you can set up a more productive environment on your phone, by either using Launch Center for iPhone or Widgets for Android.
For example, I send a lot of notes and ideas to my Evernote account via email. So I have set up so I can compose a new email to that specific account by using a widget on my phone. And it only takes me one click. If I had to fill in the email address every time, there would probably be situations, where I would be too lazy or busy to write a new thought down.
Think about, if there is any specific task you do on your phone every day, that could be done with fewer clicks.


Using bookmarks on your computer is nothing new – I know, but sometimes people forget the simple things.
Also, when you use bookmarks, make sure that they take you directly to site where your want to go, instead of just the front page of the website. If you always go directly to the login page, make that you bookmark!

Is there something I missed? Are you eliminating clicks in ways I don’t know about? Please comment!

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