Engineering the perfect city bike

In the first post on the blog, I will be discussing how you can engineer the perfect city bike, that is going to cost you the least trouble, and you will also be introduced to the whole mindset of Life-Automator.

I just started my new job as an accountant recently, and I realized, that I would be commuting to work everyday from now on.

I was not at all satisfied with how long it took me to get to work everyday, so I figured I had to come up with a solution, that would cut off some of my transportation time.

It occurred to me, that I could ride a bicycle to work faster than the bus could drive me, and after that, the choice wasn’t too hard.

The good thing about riding your bike to work is that you are getting some exercise and vitamin D in the process…. Automatically! 

I therefore went out and bought this new bike:


I decided to go for a city bike – it had to be fast!


It also had to have 1 gear. Here is why:

  1. They say that Steve Jobs only had one outfit in his closet, so that he didn’t have to waste a decision on what to wear. This is what they call decision making fatigue, and I figured that I neither wanted waste decision on what gear to drive in. Don’t know if is really going to make a difference!
  2. The more legit reason why I only wanted one gear, was that I thought, that a less complicated bicycle was going to be more durable. I don’t want to waste time by sending it to the mechanic all the time.



For the lights, I found this brand called Reelight, that are absolutely amazing!

They don’t require batteries, they turn on automatically and they are screwed on to the bike, so I don’t have to think about them ever again.



I had fenders put on after i bought the bike. You do not want to waste additional time on extra laundry because of dirty close, because waste of time, is the opposite of living the automatic life.


Here is what I did to avoid thievery:


I went out and bought the largest lock I could find, that the insurance company also would approve of.

I furthermore decided to paint the bike black. I thought that this would reduce the amount of attention the bike would get.

And also – nobody wants to steal a bike, that has been horribly painted by me!

Before you go out and spray paint your bike, you have to secure all sensitive parts:


Here is what it looked like when I was done with it:


Not the easiest thing to do, to go ahead and ruin a perfectly new bike, but I really do believe that, this is going to reduce the risk of getting it stolen.

That’s it everybody! The end of my first post. I hope you enjoyed it, and you will go out and share it on your favorite social site. Thank you for reading.

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I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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