Expand Your Vocabulary: Every Day

Today’s post is going to be a quick one, so please read it – it would be extremely “Virulent” if you didn’t!

Virulentadj. Extremely severe or harmful in its effects. Bitterly hostile or antagonistic; hateful. “Virulent criticism.


It is a tip, that will allow you to expand your vocabulary a little everyday.

Having a broad arsenal of words, can be a very powerful tool, if you want to get the right point across, or even gain a higher social status/authority.

But how do you consistently do that, without having to look in a dictionary every day?

You sign up for a very simple and free service called Wordthink.

Every day, you get a new word into your email inbox, accompanied by an explanation for what it means.


Expand your vocabulary

That is how you learn a new word everyday. Within a year, you should know 365 bad-ass words, that is going to enhance your writing and conversational skills.


Bonus tip: If you begin to tell yourself: “I don’t have time to learn a new word today”, and delete the mail of the day, it quickly becomes a habit.

If you are going to delete it, force yourself to delete the mail, by opening it and then delete it – most days, you will end up checking the word out anyway.
Thanks for reading!

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