Do not expect yourself to remember anything

(From the movie Memento, where the main character doesn’t remember anything, and therefore has his whole life tattooed on his body)

Believe it or not, the reason I write so much about productivity, is primarily been to alleviate myself from a lot of stress.

I have found, that you can have a lot more mental freedom, room for creativity and less stress, when you treat yourself like you have dementia, and therefore will forget everything. The point is, that you actually should forget everything irrelevant for now, and the easiest way to do that, is to feel confident that you will get reminded later.

In my full time job, I work as an accountant in a large organization. In a job position like that, you really get good at treating yourself like an idiot, that won’t remember anything. You process so many documents, and you handle so many cases every day. So if anybody would ask you about something you are doing today in a week from now – you have got to assume, you have forgotten it again, when the time comes.

You pretty quickly get in a mindset of putting anything where it belongs and coming up with systems to remember anything, because you have to.

Without really putting a lot of conscious thought into it, I have now also applied this mindset to the rest of my life, and I feel like it has helped me to become a much more productive, less stressed out and organized person.

So now I will give you a couple of tips, on how you can apply this mindset to your own life – no matter your profession.


When a thought pops into your head – act on it now or write it down.

Don’t count on the thought to pop in again later.

I have literally jumped off my bicycle on my way to work, to write down an idea for a blog post on my phone, because I didn’t trusted my brain to hold the thought for more than 2 minutes.

I almost bring a protein bar with me to work as a snack every day. When the thought pops into my head, that I have to remember that bar, I put it in my jacket pocket right away, even if it is the night before, because I don’t count on myself to remember it again next morning. This is an example of acting now.

When I want to right something down for later, I either use Evernote or
When I for example think of a project, that I should do later, like an idea for a blog post, I write down the idea  in my projects list en Evernote.

When I think of a task that has to be done at a specific time, I send myself a timed reminder with, so that I can forget about it for now, but get reminded again later, when the time comes.

That was my tips on how to remember everything. Hope you liked the post. Thanks.

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