Free from authority

I must admit, I have always had problems with authorities to some degree throughout my life. Some might accuse me of having a big ego or being a spoiled child.

I know one thing, though: my parents had a very laissez-faire style of parenting me and my brother, and this has to be part of the explanation.

Because of this, I have always had problematic relationships with teachers in school, bosses at work and politicians that I don’t particularly agree with.

It is only natural for us humans, to mirror everyone around us in ourselves, and so I personally have a tendency to assume that everyone else must also hate their bosses, their workplace and restrictions on their lives in all forms – the same way I do.

So I sometimes wonder why people aren’t more weary of making grant commitments in their lives – to housing loans, car loans, pets they need to take care of for 15 years or even having kids. Don’t they see that all of this raises their dependency on others (as in their bosses)?.

Then again, I have to realize that not everyone is like me. Some people must actually like their boss and their bank.

Nevertheless, I still have to make the argument that many humans long for more freedom in modern society. And this, I think, make sense from an evolutionary perspective, because our psyche has not evolved yet, to being this dependent on external authoritative entities.

My Thesis

Every time we think about evolution, we can (simplistically speaking) forget about this most recent period, where we have had agriculturally based civilizations, and instead think primarily of the longer hunter-gatherer era we had before that.

Back then, we probably didn’t form groups much bigger than 150 people (according to Dunbar’s Number), and it is easy to imagine just how little authority one would encounter on a daily basis in those days.

Obviously, these societies would have some kind of chieftain among them, but rebellions could have quickly materialized once such an authority would get too unreasonable.

For the record, I am no anthropologist by any means, so what do I know? 🙂

My main point here, is that the level of authority that we have to deal with in modern society, is probably a little weird seen from our own biology, and maybe there is a good reason why so many dream about being their own bosses, financially free and influential enough to have a say in how the law system affects their lives.

Maybe, thinking this much about simplicity and freedom isn’t only for spoiled brats (like myself), but something that could enhance the lives of the majority?



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I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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