Get Great New Ideas with the “Passion Diagram”

If you have been following me here on the blog recently, you know that my latest man crush is on guy called James Altucher.

He is a great inspiration to entrepreneurs, innovators and people in general, that wants to live a “free” life. All things I aspire to.

I heard him mention a technique for coming up with new ideas a few days ago, which I later on ended up trying myself. It worked out great, and I will therefore tell you, what it is and works.

As far as I know, the method doesn’t have a name, so I have given it one myself: “The Passion Diagram”.


What it is

The Passion Diagram is a tool you can use, to come up with new ideas, within areas you are passionate about. Maybe you are thinking about starting your own business, and you need a good idea to start with. Everyone knows it’s optimal if you start a new business in an area you already feel passionate about.

According to James Altucher, the best new innovations are made, when already existing concepts are combined in new ways.

Like for instance, when movie rental is combined with the internet and you get Netflix.

Or when an iPod is combined with a phone and you get the iPhone.

The Passion Diagram is a way, to force you to combine concepts you already like, so you know with certainty, you will create something you will be passionate about.


How to

– Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen.

– Start brain storming out things you like/are passionate about/enjoy to do/find interesting and want to learn more about.

– Write a single word for every thing you can think of. Try to write as many as possible.

– Now, when you feel like you begin to slow down, take a pause and breath.

– Put the paper away.

– Come back to it again later with a fresh mind, take a good look.

– Start drawing a line between two random concepts, and think about what it means. Is it a new business idea? Is it a new blog post? Or does it not make any sense at all?

Maybe you have written down a particular hobby of yours, but you have also stated that you like podcasts. Maybe you should start a podcast about that hobby!

Maybe you can add a completely new flavor to something you are already doing.

Maybe you come up with a revolutionary business idea.

MANY things can happen, and since it can only be within fields you already enjoy, you know it’s going to be interesting.


My first ideas, using the passion diagram

A tool for coming up with new ideas

Picture of my first diagram. I know – beautiful hand writing, right……

Here are some of the mildly interesting things, I thought of the first time I tried the diagram:


A productivity cafe

I like going out to cafes, hangout and drink coffee. And you know from the blog, I also like productivity.

So I wish there was a café, in the city where I live (Copenhagen), that was completely engineered towards stimulating productivity in it’s guest. It should differentiate itself from all the other cafes, that just attracts young mothers who likes brunch a lot.

It should have low ambient music, noise canceling ceilings, maybe a meeting room, that would be free for the guests to use, smart drugs should be sold in the bar and many other productivity stimulating things!

Maybe I should make such a place……


ICONOSQUARE meets Goodreads

I combined 2 other things I liked: Quantified self and books.

I read a lot of books, and register them all in Goodreads, so I can keep track of everything I read. I wish I could get nice graphic representation of how I read – how much, what kind of books and so on. Like you can with ICONOSQUARE  for Instagram.

This would just be with books – and I know Goodreads has all the necessary data, to make something like that.


As I wrote in a earlier blogpost: You should never let a good idea go to waste. So I contacted Goodreads, and told them about the idea, because I knew this was a business idea I would never end up starting myself.

A nice lady from their customer service, wrote me back and told me, they already have a service like that!!

It is not very easy to find on the website, and it is not very good yet. So I hope they will develop it in the future.

At least – now I know it exists.


Hiphop meets BJJ

I like to do Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I practice it about 2 times a week. It is a great way to exercise, have fun and get into a state of flow.

I also like hip hop, that is my kind of music. I even have a small Wu Tang Clan logo tattooed on my arm to prove my passion for it.

So I wish, I sometimes could do BJJ, while listening to hiphop! I think that could create a pretty cool atmosphere.

Maybe I should make an event like that, or even start a BJJ/hiphop dojo one day……

Anyway, this was some of the initial ideas I got from using The Passion Diagram, and I only think I will get better at using it over time.

I cannot see why I would only use it once.

Next time, I will maybe be reminded of something else I like, make other connections or have gotten entirely new interests since.

Let me know what you think underneath, and feel free to post some of the new great ideas you get.

Talk to you soon!

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