How to grow as a person

I think most people who strive for success, has money on their list of big goals in life. It is understandable, they probably want the freedom money can give them.
If you want to become a successful in that area yourself, you begin by studying financially successful people. That’s what I do at least.
And when you do so, you find many of them saying, that when they finally reached the point of financial success, they felt like they still hadn’t won in the game of life yet.

You can see examples of this, in two podcast episodes, that I heard recently. The first one was Tim Ferris’ podcast ( with Tony Robbins, and the other one was a from an episode of London Real ( with a successful entrepreneur called Alex Ikonn.
A reoccurring message, that kept coming up in both episodes, especially from Tony Robbins, was that you don’t feel fulfilled as a person, unless you constantly grow, no matter how many figures you have in your bank account.

You want to keep challenging yourself, even after the point of financial freedom, or else you will not experience long time happiness.

I believe, that is completely true. But I also think that, that is a thing you can start working on right now – rich or not.
You will be far longer down the road, to become a fully developed person, if you start growing now, instead of waiting. And I also think that, the farther you have come, the easier it will be for you, to actually become rich. It’s not going to hurt to be smarter and wiser in that regard.

So we want to start growing as humans. Now. But how to and what does it mean?

Underneath, I have listed up a few concrete methods you can use, to do, what I believe it means, to grow as a person and broaden your horizon.

Read more books

To me, reading more books, seems like an obvious advice, because with books, you have the possibility to download the knowledge of the smartest people in history to your brain, from the comfort of your own home. However, one always have to remember, that books are just a description of life, but it is never like living the real deal. The best experiences always come trying stuff out in reality.
Books are great, but always be aware of having a balance between them and real life experiences, so you can become a well-rounded person.

Which books to choose? The easy choice would be to read a load of books on, how to grow as a person (self help books). And that’s great, but I would also recommend, that you read other different kinds of books as well. If you just read stuff, that a guy or girl like you would read by default, you are only going to reinforce who you already are, instead of expanding.
The recommendation about choosing books you normally wouldn’t read, also applies to movies, podcasts and other kinds of stimulation. Don’t just see or listen to stuff, that repeats what you already agree with.
This message is tightly related to my next point about always being uncomfortable.

Be uncomfortable

When you do stuff you don’t like to do, it feels very good when it stops. That’s why you usually work very hard to get it over with. It could be a tough workout or maybe a hard day at work.
This is kind of analogues to your quest to become financially rich. It feels uncomfortable not having any money in the beginning, and you fully expect it to be awesome, the day you get your hands on a big bag of money. And it probably will. But I guarantee you, that it will only feel amazing for so long, until you get bored with it again. Like everything else in life only is fun for so long.
But it is good that you have to struggle and work hard to become rich – you will only grow from it.
And you should do the same with all other aspects of you life.
Go towards the struggle and towards the end of your own comfort zone:


Hard exercise is a brilliant way to be uncomfortable. I like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) (, among other things, because it feels terrible to have a big sweaty guy on top of you, but any other kind of high intensity exercise style should do the trick.
It almost always feels great to be done with tough exercise a session. It makes all your other problems seem so small, compared to nearly dying in training AND there’s always room for improvement within it. This is another way you can grow. You can improve your skill set in a particular exercise form.
Furthermore is also good to join some kind of team/class activity, because it grows your social relations and skills as well.


Besides challenging your body, you should also challenge your mind – and especially your fears.
The great thing about fears, is that they don’t really grow back again, once you break them, unless you don’t confront them for a very long time.
I for instance, had a great fear of showing up for BJJ-class the first many months of training, because I was afraid to get my ass kicked. Once I got used to it, I never felt afraid going in there again, even though I still got my ass kicked.
I neither liked to eat fish for a very long time, and the idea of eating raw fish in the form of sushi, could almost make me gag. But I really wanted to break that old complex, and once I had tried it enough times, I could do it comfortably, and now I actually love it! And I am in no danger of ever being afraid of it again.

But which fears do you have? Are you afraid of speaking in public? What if you pushed yourself to speak in front of a crowd more than a 100 times? Don’t you think you would be comfortable doing it eventually? Of course you would. Even though it’s not going to be easy in the beginning – go ahead and do it!
It doesn’t matter which kind of fear or insecurity it is. They come in infinitely many shapes and sizes.

And that’s about how (easy) it is. To summarize, you should:
– Stimulate yourself in as many different ways as possible
– Go out of your comfort zone physically and push yourself
– Challenge all of your fears, and put yourself in situations, where don’t want to be

Seek the uncomfortable. Go towards the struggle.

If you start doing this now, you will keep on being a happy and growing as a person, even after the day comes, where you get insanely rich 🙂

Thanks for reading

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