I am trying to do more audio to spare my eyes

As you may know, I read a lot . It is my favorite thing to do.

However,  with all the reading I enjoy, combined with the job that I have, where I have to look at a computer screen, makes me feel like I strain my eyes too much every day.

Even when I take a break at work, I go to my Feedly reader, to check out some posts from my favorite blogs, to do even more reading. And I sometimes end my day with a headache because of the many hours of screen time.

So now, I have decided to try and consume more of my daily information auditorily instead – whenever possible. In this post, I will share with you some the strategies I am using now to make this change.

The big advantage of audio, of course, is that it doesn’t strain the eyes and that you can multitask while you consume it. While you listen, you can take walks, look outside the window and even drive your car.

I once used to believe that reading information, compared to consuming it auditorily, would make you smarter, but I don’t hold that belief any longer. I just think that the best information is often compressed into well-curated books, which can also be listened to in audio format.

Anyway, below follows the strategies I have employed to spare my eyes:



Podcasts have been a big part of my life for years now. But I have always preferred reading to listening whenever possible. Now, I plan to dedicate more time to podcasts going forward. It’s free, simple and very entertaining.

Here are some shows that I currently like:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Less Doing Podcast
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • The Minimalists
  • History On Fire

And others.


Blog Posts (Narro)

I also found a great app called Narro, that creates a real podcast for you, with a dictated version of the articles you send to it. It is a robot that reads the articles, but it sound pretty real.

With an IFTTT automation, I have set it up so, every time I save an article for later in Feedly, it gets emailed to my Narro account. Super easy and quick to use. So now I listen to most of the blog posts, I want to read.



Listening to audiobooks, is an obvious solution to my problem. They are super dense with information, and you can consume them while you are on the go. So I will do more in this domain from now on.

Next, I am listening to the book The Organized Mind , which seems interesting.



This is a whole new world that I haven’t explored yet. I recently heard a pretty interesting episode of The Ben Greenfield Podcast , where an author talked about how she wrote most of her books with dictation. It is really something I want to dive into one day, because  the idea of being able to walk around and be an author, is fascinating to me. But you need to spend some money on the dictation software , and a microphone to get started, so I might have to wait a little.

Although, I did try dictating some of this blog post on my iPhone – right into the headset, which worked pretty good. At least, it was better than typing on the phone keyboard. So I’ll probably do more of that in the future when I am on the go.


For now, thanks for reading guys!



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