Living Life Progressively

Before you get too far into this blog post, I just want to make it clear that this isn’t about progressivism in the political sense.

This is about a cornerstone of my personal philosophy of life, that I would like to share with you.

It is about living life in forward motion.

I believe, that most of the things we do in life, can either be regarded as actions that:

–        Move us forward

–        Or don’t

To me, it seems illogical to choose a stagnant way of living, where there is never any progress to see. On the other hand, I think it makes perfect sense, to want to strive for a life that will somehow be better tomorrow.

So what does this mean?

Obviously, it all depends on what you define as “a better life”.

But let’s just say, as an example – only because this is easy to understand – that you consider a wealthier life, a better life.

A progressive way of dealing with this would be to choose a frugal lifestyle, because this would allow you to grow your net worth every month – you spend less than you earn. You would also be able to invest your savings, and in that way, build slowly towards a wealthier life.

What the non-progressive type would do, would be to increase cash flow, but also increase spending proportionally.

(I have many friends like this. They all want to be rich, so they earn a lot, but save very little, which means they are ultimately poorer than my low-earning/frugal friends. They confuse the concept of “being rich” with “living a rich person’s life”.)

The main goal is to stand on a higher platform today, than what you did yesterday.

Here are some more examples, so you get my idea:

Progressiveness Non- Progressiveness
Saving something every month

Writing blog posts – Your blog accumulates value

Reading classic books – the ideas will always be relevant

Learning a new skill, that you can enjoy forever

Buying high-quality items, that will last forever

Sticking to classic ideas and concepts

Working on long-term and deeper relationships with people

Working on bigger and impactful projects


Spending everything you get

Writing articles for a newspaper – it is worthless tomorrow

Reading the news – You will always have to keep up

Learning a new skill, that will only be relevant for a short time

Buying low-quality items, that will have to be replaced frequently

Following current fashion and trends

Working on short-term and shallow relationships with people

Working on small projects, that will only have short term impact

l  Etc.

And this is just to give you some examples.


You can actually make the distinction between the two, as being proactive and reactive.

The progressive type is proactive, because he decides in which way he wants to move his life forward.

The non-progressive type is reactive, because he constantly has to keep up with what’s in vogue, and therefore start from scratch next time the trends shift.

It makes it really easy – for me at least – to decide which type I want to be. I want to evolve and grow, and never be stuck in my place.

Thanks for reading.


Further readings:

Part of this idea about sticking to the classics, is definitely stolen from Nassim Taleb’s book Anti-Fragile, which is one of my favorite books of all time.

You can read about sticking to a few long term projects, that has long lasting value in the book The Power of Less.

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