Minimalism, Step 3 – The List

Thank you dear reader for checking out this third post in my mini series about minimalism.

In the first post, we talked about how you should be mindful about the functionalities you spend money on, so you avoid buying something you “already own”. In the next post, we discovered how you can tame your need to buy new stuff, by implementing a regular gratitude practice. These are both tools that can be utilized to make the transition into a minimalistic lifestyle easier.

Today, I will give you another great tool, that is going to help you be even more mindful about the stuff you buy. I call it “The List”.

It is simple. You just make a complete list of the things, you think you should own, in order to be the best version of yourself. Making this list, will also make it really clear to you, what you don’t need.

Think this sounds like a overwhelmingly large task to do? You are probably planning on making the list too long then. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I’ll tell you, it is actually pretty fun, deciding what the essential things of you are. Mentally packing your backpack for life.

I have done this myself, and it has worked wonders. I have written down everything, I think I need in an Evernote document – from clothes to gadgets. For most of the items, I have even decided which model/brand I need.

As an example, I have decided that I need 2 hoodies. That means I am not going to buy any new hoodies, as long as I have 2. However, if one of them breaks or gets lost, I will replace it instantly.

Besides listing all my clothes, I have also made a list, for what I call my Essentials – which entails gadgets and things. Here it is:

  • An Iphone
  • A Macbook Air
  • A Backpack
  • A Bicycle

Those are the essentials, that I need in order to maintain my lifestyle (as a blogger).

So what has making this list done for me?

Here is an example:

As you can see, I like the apple products. And like every other “fan boy”, I like the iPad. So every time I see one in a store or in a commercial, I get the wellknown urge to buy one. But in those weak moments, I can always go back to my Essentials List, and get reminded, that I don’t really need it. I have planned not to buy it. A phone and a laptop easily covers all my digital needs. So I control myself. It is much easier if you have already written it down.

I other words: The List makes it easy to make the correct choice when buying stuff.

Try it out for yourself. Make a list and become more mindful about what you buy.

Thanks for reading!

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