Minimalism, Step 4 – Few Many Things

So far, in this mini series about minimalism, we have learned how to see products for what they really are, and thereafter plan for what we really need (1,2,3).

When practicing minimalism, we should strive to own only what is necessary, in order to avoid the stress of having too many things that slows us down and add weight to our lives.

In step 3, we decided exactly what we need to sustain our lifestyle. We implemented a limit on everything. If you decided that you just need 1 bicycle, then that’s your limit, and there is no situation where you should buy an extra bicycle.


But is it a good idea to put limits and constraints on everything?

This is where I believe minimalism can be customized a bit more for your personal situation. Because I think there should be a few key areas of your life, where you allow yourself to go anti-minimal.

Are you a painter for example? Then it may not be a good idea to put constraints on how many colors you should have in your drawer. At least not if you like to paint in a colorful style.

But one man’s painting is another man’s sneaker, so if sneakers are your true passion – then you should probably allow yourself to own more than just one pair. Decide on one or two key areas, where you are allowed to go nuts – preferably areas, that will improve your life – exercise equipment could be an example.

My thing is books. I will never put a limit on how many books I can own.

What is your thing? It is time to decide what your few MANY things are.

Thanks for reading!

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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