Minimalism, Step 5 – Limit Exposure

In this series about minimalism, we are exploring some of the fundamental tools, you can utilize in order to make minimalism an easier way of life. This will then allow you to live a cheaper, less stressful and more fulfilling life.

One of the things we have learned so far, is to cultivate a gratitude practice, and how that can train your brain to understand, the truly important things in life aren’t things.

The next step in the process, is now to realize, that we aren’t impervious to marketing, social pressure and other external factors, that can ruin our goal of becoming a minimalist, which is why we must find ways to protect ourselves.

The biggest steps you can take towards limiting your exposure to “unminimalistic influences”, is to manage the way you consume entertainment. TV is completely filled commercials now a days, so cancelling your TV subscribing would be a great idea – plus, one less bill to pay!

I am not saying, that you cannot watch Game Of Thrones ever again. I am just saying, that you should do it from your computer somehow…. No more commercial breaks! With web-based, on-demand services like HBO and Netflix, you are also free to consume your entertainment, whenever you want, which means you can control your own time better, and not get stressed out about enjoying yourself.

The computer is great, because it enables you to do everything on your terms – but you need to be smart about it, because the internet is just as well filled with marketing.

Here are 2 tips:

–         Use an RSS reader like Feedly for reading blog posts. Feedly is a clean and undistracting reader, and most importantly: it has no ads! Much better than going directly to the blogs or websites, which are often filled with them. Furthermore, it collects all of your favorite websites in on place, which simplifies your life significantly.

–        But for when you do need to go to a website, install an extension like Adblock. That will spare you the rest of the marketing noise, that you encounter on the internet.

The problem with promotion and marketing is, that it can create a false need inside you for things you don’t need – no matter how much of a master you are. That zaps your willpower, when you try to resist it, and it makes it more difficult to be a minimalist overall.

It is wiser, to just limit your exposure – that takes nothing out of you.

Think about: what else can potentially create a need inside you. A person? A hobby? A dream? A Device?

See if you can limit your exposure.

Thanks for reading!

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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