Minimalist Products – Amazon Kindle

”Just shut up and buy it!”

Is what I wish someone had told me a long time ago. I am talking about the Kindle Paperwhite Device, I am now using to get all of my book reading done.

I really used to appreciate owning a lot of physical books, because I thought they were beautiful, and that they reminded me of all the lessons I had learned from them.
Of course, I still do to some extent, but the collected benefits of making the shift to a Kindle have been enormous for me, and let me tell you why and how.

To do so, I have made a comprehensive list of all the pros and cons of owning physical books vs. digital.
(Be aware, that the lists below are just my personal opinions)

The benefits of physical books
– They are beautiful
– They are “physical”, you can hold them, feel them
– You can “see” the whole book -> you can open it up and start on any page you want immediately
– They can serve as physical cues, to remind you about the lessons you have learned from them
– You can write your own notes in them with a pen

The downsides to physical books
– They take up a lot room in your living space (and annoy your girlfriend :p)
– They are heavy, and has to be moved with you throughout life
– Most often, they cost more than digital books
– Your bookstore might not have the book you are looking for
– They are not good for the environment

The benefits of a Kindle
– It is small
– It is light, you can always hold it in one hand
– You can buy all the books in the world in seconds
– And they are often much cheaper
– You can read PDFs, websites and other documents on it
– All files are searchable
– It has a ton of extra features, like a web browser, X-ray and something as simple as a clock!
– The screen is backlit, so you can read in the dark
– You can adjust letter size, margins and fonts to your preference
– All notes and high-lightings can be exported to other apps like Evernote
– It lets you see other people’s high-lightings, which makes you extra aware when you are reading a popular passage
– Flipping pages is extremely fast (just a tap)
– It tells you by percentage how far you are in a book
– It tells you the estimated reading time of the chapter you are in
– It connects to Good Reads
– It lets you share quotes from books directly to social media

The downsides of a Kindle
– It requires charging – not much!
– It breaks easier than a book

These are the most comprehensive lists I can come up with.
Please feel free to add pros and cons in the comments section below – I am sure I must have missed something.

The bottom line is: if you are into books/reading and minimalism, you need to get a Kindle!
It is light, efficient, convenient, small, super minimalist, and I wish I had bought mine a long time ago!

Thanks for reading!

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I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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