How to pin to Pinterest automatically

A lot of people, like myself, have a problem with Pinterest, because it is not very well integrated with other web-apps and services, which means you can’t really Pin your stuff automatically.

But you can, however, IF you are willing to pay a minor fee for it.

Heres is how:

I do it with a combination of IFTTT and Fancy Hands (Virtual Assistance).

Every time a blog post is posted on my WordPress blog, a trigger goes of in IFTTT, whereafter a mail is sent from my gmail account to my Fancy Hands Assistant, that tells them to do it and how.

I am now going to show you specifically what I tell my assistant to do, so you can do the same, just by copying and pasting what I already have authored!

My email to Fancy Hands:

Hello mr./mrs. Fancy Hands<br><br>
I have just posted this new blog post to my blog:<br>
And I need you to pin it to Pinterest for me.<br>
Please see this evernote note for instructions:<br>……………./<br><br>
Thank you!

In the Evernote note it is says:

Hello Mr./Mrs. Fancy Hands:
As you saw in the email I send you, I have you posted a new blog post to my website, and I need you to “pin” it to my Pinterest site.
Here is how you do it:
  1. you go to
  2. Log in:
    1. Username/e-mail: “My email”
    2. password: “My password”
  3. in the upper right corner, you click the dropdown-menu where it says: “My name”
  4. choose “your profile and pins”
  5. You find the board that’s called: “The boad”, and then click on it
  6. When you get to the “board”, you click the button, where it says “Add Pin”
    1. Choose “From the web”
  7. Insert the Article-URL, I sent you, and click next
  8. Then you choose a picture from the original article (Use the picture, that you feel is best! – it is not that important, that you get right)
  9. In the “board” dropdown-menu, you select: “the board” again.
  10. Then you copy and paste the original title of the article, into the “description” field in pinterest, 
  11.  click “pin it”
And then you are done! 🙂
Thank you very much, and have a nice day  

The beautiful thing with these Evernote notes is, that I can always go in and change and tweak them at will, without ever having to change anything else in the process.

I hope you liked the post, and that you would sign up for Fancy Hands or Evernote premium, by clicking one of the links from the article, so I can get my reward-points – thank you!

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