Publishing blog posts, by email?

I recently realized, that I feel a small amount of resistance within myself, every time I have written a new blog post.
I really don’t like, the final part of logging in to WordPress, to post it, and have to choose category, assigning a picture as featured and putting in links everywhere in the text.So I thought there must be a way to avoid “the pain”, that is going through the bureaucracy of my content management system.

Thinking about how to avoid such pains, is perfectly linked with the entrepreneurial mind-set, I described in a recent article.
And it also underscores the point I have made before, that you should not do whatever everyone else could do for you. I can write the article. Everybody else can post it.Now, I would like to get in to the practical details of, how I have managed to outsourced this part of blogging.
If you don’t have a blog yourself, you can probably stop reading here, and just take away the message, that you should always be on the look-out for processes of your own, that can be automated or outsourced.

Practically, I do this task, by writing my blog post in an email. This makes it really convenient, among other things, because I cannot login to WordPress on my full-time job for security reasons, but I can always send an email though.
So now, I can always make a new post, even when I am work.

I have set it up so, every time I get a new email in my gmail inbox with the subject “#Blogpost”, it gets filtered and assigned a new label – the label being called “#Blogpost”.

Every time a new email gets this label assigned to it, a trigger goes of in IFTTT:

Skærmbillede 2014-10-15 kl. 05.56.02

Every time this tricker goes of, a new email gets send to my Fancy Hands virtual assistant, with instructions on how to post an article on my blog + plus the content from the first email, which has the text needed to make the blog post.

IFTTT recipe

As you can see, they will get a link to the instructions, which is shared in an Evernote document.

Here comes the exact instructions, that I give the assistant, which makes it possible for you to just take this, copy it, and make the process you own:

Hello mr./mrs. Fancy Hands
Thank you for helping me today.
As you know, I have just written a new article, which you’ve receive by email, and here is how, I need you to post it on my blog:
  1. Please go to:
    1. Log in:
      1. Username: maxmicheelsen
      2. Pasworrd: XXXXX
  2. Choose “indlæg” (posts) -> “tilføj nyt” (add new)
(Sorry for the example being in Danish)
3. Put in the title, content and choose category
(IF, I have forgotten to provide a category in the email, please choose the one, you think matches the best)
4. Please set “Featured Image” or “Thumbnail”
IF, I have attached an image to the email, please use that.
IF not, please go to google image search to find a large image, that matches the theme.
5. Input in the “read more tag” 
Go down about 1/4 in the text, and set in the read more tag, separating 2 paragraphs.
6. Please check the text for links.
If I have used any links in the text, please do the following:
Example: “I have a blog (”
Make the word “blog” a link to the website.
You do that by using this button:
7. Lastly, you click the “Post-button” (or “udgiv”)
Thanks for you help!

And that is about all there is to it!

Thanks for reading guys!






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