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Wim Hof is all over the internet these days. He has been on all of my favorite podcasts recently (Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Ben Greenfield and so on), which has made me really interested in the guy. Mainly because he is such an interesting and funny character. He is super charismatic, and you can’t help but feeling uplifted, when you hear him speak,

If you don’t know him, and haven’t seen it yet, you should watch the Vice documentary on The Iceman right now.

So I got really excited about his philosophy and wanted to learn more about his methods. I therefore, decided to download his iPhone app , and thereby get some of his teachings. And in this post, I would like to tell you, what I think of it.

In short, about the app: It is the worst app, I have ever not regretted buying! (?)

The app is just a collection of short videos, that might as well could have been released on YouTube. Of course, with the app, Wim gets to earn a little extra – which I don’t hate.

What I am saying is, a smartphone app really isn’t the best format for this material.

And there is really only 1 video in the app, that I’ve had real use of – the video that explains “The Wim Hof Method” – his special breathing technique. The rest of the videos are basically just him stretching and talking in an uplifting fashion (which I love listening to BTW).

The Wim Hof Breathing Technique

I will shortly explain how this works, as this was my biggest takeaway from the app. If you understand this concept, I don’t think you need to purchase the app, unless you just want to hear the charismatic man talk.

The breathing exercise works like this:

– You do 30-40 big, full inhales and releasing exhales in a row. That means you breath all the way in, and only release and let go without breathing all the way out again. The idea is to get more air in than out. This should increase oxygen levels in your body.

– When you do your last breath and breath out, you will notice, that you are able to hold your breath without any oxygen in the lungs for much longer than normal.

– You hold it for as long as you can, and then take one big in-breath again, hold for 10-15 seconds, release again, and see how long you can hold it, without any oxygen one more time.

– This is 1 full repetition. And you can do it 1,2,3,4 time – as many as you like.

What this exactly does for you, is a little hard to understand from just listening to Wim. It, for sure, has something to do with “the nervous system” and “the deep physiology” – both phrases he uses a lot! 🙂

I can tell you from my own experience, that the exercise gives me great energy, and I am better able to stand and stay in my cold showers when I do this alongside.

Unfortunately, Wim is often a little unspecific, which makes it hard to understand, what he is really “selling”.

My verdict on the app: Don’t buy it. It is very mediocre at best, and it contains very little useful material.

On the other hand, if you just love Wim’s personality, and you want to support him, and get more content from him, the app is a way to do that.

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  1. I’m with you on the app being a difficult medium for this type of coaching/trainings.

    One thing I like about the app is that it has the timers built right in, along with a place to keep track of notes and the push-ups so that I don’t have to log in and out of the timer and use another notebook for tracking.

    Also, the videos for breathing along for the exercises help me stay concentrated on the activity at hand. I just wish the videos actually worked all the time, about 30% of the time the videos don’t play and I have no idea why.

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