Saving quotes from books

I have become a manic reader this last year. I have gotten it into my head, that I want to write for a living some day. So I read many smart lines from many smart people, and I suspect, that there might be a day, where I would like to go back, and check out some of the best golden nuggets I have collected through the years. So I save all of my favorite quotes.

To do this, I have developed a good system that I would like to share with you, in case you also want to collect all your favourite quotes.

The first requirement I have for my system, is that I want to be able pick any of my books of my shelf, and quickly get an overview of all quotes that are in the particular book. The other thing I want from my system, is that it is searchable, so I always can find everything from one author, or quotes containing a specific keyword.


So here is what I do

Every time I read something that I find brilliant, I underline it with a pen, and write a big “Q” next to it.

(It happens often, that I actually don’t realize that a quote is a quote right away. It is only when I read past it, but get distracted in what I am reading next, because I keep thinking about it, that I know it is a quote. And then I go back to it.)

After that, I go to the very last page in the book and write “Q: X”. X being the page number, where I found the quote.

When I am totally done with the book, the last page might say something like: “Q:6,20,305”, and that way I can always go back and see quickly, that this book has 3 good quotes in it.

Then it get’s social. I now go to twitter to write the entire quote, if it less than 140 characters (short quotes are usually the best). So my whole community gets to benefit from it as well, and who doesn’t like a good quote? I always remember to write who the author is, the name of the book and also the hashtag “Quotes”, because of what happens next.

I have set it up so, every time I make a new tweet that contains the hashtag “#Quotes”, a recipe in IFTTT triggers.

To people who don’t know: IFTTT is a free automation service, that let’s you make tons of cool automations between webapps.

When IFTTT triggers in this case, a new note gets created in my Evernote account, that contains the tweet I just made – so now, my quote has become searchable! That means I can always go back and search among all the quotes that I have read through the years, and for example find this:

“The more the mind takes in the more it expands” – Seneca (letters from a stoic) #Quotes
And that is all there is to my system. Thanks for reading guys.

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