Sell Your Stuff

After reading a book like Essentialism by Greg McEwon, and watching a talk like the one you will see underneath, I have gotten really excited about getting rid of all my stuff, and living a more minimalistic lifestyle:

To me, less stuff means less worries. Less things to carry next time I move and fewer things that can get stolen, if someone breaks into my house (god forbid).

The minimalistic lifestyle is flexible. It costs you less money and less time to sustain. You can actually earn a little money by selling all your crap.

By owning fewer things, you can own better things, that you can actually carry with you. Write a list of the few things you really need. Get rid of the rest, and give yourself permission to have a few nice things.

Take joy in the fact, that the things you sell get used by someone else, and it gives them joy. Give them a sweet deal – you are not going to use it anyway, so it’s all profit. Plus, they are doing you a favor in cleaning up your stuff.

Like Tony Robbins says in his new book Money: “Stop being such a consumer, and start becoming an investor”.  This, you do by getting out of the perpetual consumer cycle of buying things and trowing them out again. Many people are slaves to this cycle.

Learn to ask yourself: “do I really need this?”.

Live a free, flexible and adventures life, where money goes towards experiences and you live life on your terms.


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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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