My simple way of learning a new language

Here is a dangerous combination I have come up with for fast language learning.

Brainscape + A list of the 625 most commonly used word.

I am right now in process of learning Farsi and Mandarin, and this is why I am very interested in effective language learning.

(My girlfriend is from Iran, and I work for a Chinese company, so this is why I have chosen to obsess over these two languages. Plus I think it may very well be a valuable skill, to be able to speak Chinese in the future for financial and career reasons).

Learning several languages is extremely stimulating for your brain, and it is also something that is going to get people’s attention, when you can put such skills on your CV.

In the starting fase of learning these 2 languages, I am using a web service called Brainscape, which is a very cool flash card system, you can use for learning anything. The method is also sometime called “Spaced Repition”.

They have some really good packs of free and premium card sets you can acquire, and I am really enjoying their Chinese beginner curriculum right now.

Unfortunately, they do not have any packs for learning Farsi, and therefore I have to make my own.

I order to do so, I use this list of the 625 most commonly used words, for which I find the translation and make the flash cards.

This is an extremely efficient method you can use to get started using any language.

Thank you for reading!

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Max Micheelsen

I'm a simplifier, Love efficiency in all forms, Beleive in a slow lifestyle, enabled via smart solutions

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