Acquire these 2 skills to increase your sense of freedom

Freedom is at the root of everything I write about on this blog.

I write about minimalism because it eliminates your dependents on stuff and your fascination for it.

I write about financial freedom because… Well, you can probably guess why.

The minimal and frugal way of life are both nice, because they increase the amount of free time you got. Once you’ve eliminated the worst expenses from your monthly budget, and thereby don’t have to work as much, what are you supposed to do with that time? I would suggest something that could increase your sense of freedom even further.

But let’s first define what freedom exactly is. In my view, it’s about being able to take one’s own needs, without the help from anybody else.

Freedom is taking care of yourself.

So, if you can manage to take care of your most basic needs, all by yourself, you are by my standards free to go about your life and care very little about the rest of the world.

And your most basic needs should be obvious: food and shelter.

Increasing your skills in the domains of acquiring food and shelter, are both very attainable and scalable to your level of ambitiousness:

You can learn how to bake bread with a sourdough starter or go to the end degree and produce your own flour.

Or you can learn how to do basic maintenance around the house, or actually build it from scratch.

That’s all up to you.

The point is, I think most people who feel trapped by life, can experience a higher sense of freedom by improving upon these two basic human skills.

What’s Trapping You?

My biggest personal aspiration in life is to reach a state of maximal freedom. I want to be able to spend my time according to my preferences and want to be able to select the projects and the work that I do.

Most of what I write about on this blog is geared towards reaching this specific goal;

  • I write about minimalism, and how to have very few physical attachments.
  • I write about productivity, which is meant to create more time for me and the reader.
  • I write about health optimization, which enables one to utilize one’s freedom.

It is important to note, that not everyone wants to achieve the ultimate life of freedom. But I also don’t think that anybody wants to be maximally trapped in life. The moderates out there may, therefore, pick and choose from my writing as needed.


So I have spent a lot of time, thinking about what might prevent someone from living The Free Life in today’s world. And I have basically narrowed it down to the following 4 categories:

  • Emotion
  • Ability
  • External environment
  • Health

All shortly explained with examples here:


Maybe, you want to take an arts major in college but are afraid of what others might think of that particular idea. You feel fear or anxiety, which limits your freedom.

In terms of freedom-blocking emotions, fear is the most common one.



Sometimes there is some thing you want to do but simply don’t k know how to.

Stupid example: you want to go to another country, but you don’t know how to order the airplane ticket on the internet.

This might be the easiest of the four categories to handle, as it only requires a little self-education.


External Environment

External factors are all the things outside of yourself, that might prevent you from being free. Let’s say you want to go live in France for a year, but is unable to, because you have a 30-year mortgage, that you cannot ignore, and so you are financially trapped.

External variables are relatively easy to start working on, compared to the emotional ones, as the solution is often more logical and straight forward. But not necessarily easy.



It’s possible to be in such bad health conditions, that you can be prevented from doing literally anything. If your health is really bad, you can be forced to stay in bed all day and follow up on none of your dreams. It’s the extreme scenario, but it tells you that health has to be managed in some way.


Whenever you feel like some dream of yours, are outside of your reach, you should be able to identify which of the above categories is the cause.

By becoming aware of what is stopping you exactly, you will be enabled to start working on eliminating those obstacles, and start living life on your terms.

Thanks for reading!