Routine allows for optimization

The main reason why I advocate an everyday lifestyle that is heavily rooted in routine is because it allows for optimization. You cannot optimize chaos or randomness.

Therefore, you want to incorporate some degree of repetitiveness in your day to day behavior if you wish to live what you could call an optimized life.     

We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference – Aristotle

About two years ago, me and my wife got into the habit of eating a salad every day for lunch, because we felt like that would be a healthy habit.

I bring up this example, because I can think of many ways in which this habit has changed and been optimized over time.

To mention some examples:

  • Over time, we replaced the lettuce component of the salad with some form of cabbage, because it was cheaper, easier, more filling and fibrous.
  • We bought a food processor at one point, to make the preparation of the salad for a whole week easier and quicker. This has been a great time-investment.
  • We came up with a system for how to prepare and store all components of the salad once a week, which has made it infinitely easier stick to.
  • We have learned a lot about where we generally can buy the best and cheapest ingredients, that we use on a continual basis.

As I said, this salad example is just an example. I am not trying to persuade you to make salads every day. Only to make you think about how you can have more routine in your life, so that it can be optimized, for whatever you want more of; time, quality, money, health?

What you end up optimizing for is dependent on your values.