5 recipes for biohacking multitaskers

You may already know, that it isn’t really possible to multitask in the traditional sense.

What people normally understand as true multitasking, will always be rapid switching between tasks, and since it costs you time to switch between tasks, you will never going to be efficient in it.

However, one type of multitasking is possible, and that is when you combine a high-focus task with a low-focus task(s).
An example of this, could be driving your car (high focus), while listening to music (low focus).

Aligned with this way of thinking, I have underneath created 5 multitasking recipes for biohacking, that enables you to boost your health in more than one way at a time, in order to maximize efficiency.
Happy hacking:

1. Do cold thermogenesis and brain training

Cold thermogenesis means to expose your body to cold temperatures, as this results in you having to reheat, which causes a “hormetic stress respons”, less inflammation and an increase in metabolisme.

You can easily do CT by taking a cold shower, but since that makes multitasking difficult, a Cool Fat Burner Vest, may be even more optimal.
By wearing this ice vest, you can also do brain training simultaneously with programs such as Lumosity or Dual-N-Back, in order to enhance your IQ and mental abilities.

You may even find, that you are better able to do your brain training, while being cold. I, a least, have found that being cold gives me a boost.

2. Sleep and learn

It sounds like it almost can’t be true, but a study has actually found, that we can be productive, while sleeping.
At least, in this study it was shown, that students studying the dutch language, was able to score higher in a word recall test, when they had been played back some of the words learned from earlier that day, during sleeping.
So while you get some of the optimized sleep, that I often talk about here on the blog, you can actually also learn something in the meantime.
Let’s say you are learning a new language, and you have been listening, to a language learning podcast earlier that day. When you go to sleep, you can actually rehearse the words, by playing them once again, right when you black out and go to sleep.

However, this method isn’t adviced in periodes of high stress or sleep deprivation, as this might have a reducing effect on your sleep quality.

3. Hang out in a sauna, while stretching and follow a breathing pattern

(I actually came up with the idea for this blog post, while sitting in a sauna today).

Sauna’s are great. They have been shown, to increase metabolisme, cognitive function and recovery, and it is pretty “low focus” to sit in them.

That is why you can easily work on your flexibility/range of motion, while sitting there, and if there is something that goes together with stretching – it is breathing.

Work for example on stretching you hip flexors, by doing the cobra pose, while doing the box breathing pattern – breath in 4 secs, hold 4 secs, breath out 4 secs, hold 4 secs.

4. Do yoga while wearing a training mask

You can do yoga by yourself in order to enhance flexibility/range of motion, state of mind and decrease stress.
But you can actually also add another layer to this, by using the altitude training mask, that is going to allow you to enhance your cardiovascular capabilities, or simultaneously “grow a third lung”, as the manufacturer calls it.

You can even take this method to another level further by doing it in your backyard, while being in the sun.
This is also going to give you the grounding effect from touching the earth, while your skin synthesizes Vitamin D at the same time.

5. Listen to podcast while doing HRV Training and wearing compression gear

I have found, that you can actually do some form of meditation, while, for instance, listening and learning something from podcasts.

With the Emwave2 from the heart math institute, you are able to train your HRV, by getting into a state of coherence (making the light turn green), and thereby de-stressing, and recover.
All you have to do, is focus on your breathing pattern, your heart area, and try to think of stuff you are grateful for, while listening to your favorite podcast.

Furthermore, you can enhance this experience by wearing compression gear, on for example your legs, that is going to increase blood flow to you legs, and enhance recovery after training.

Thanks for reading!