Ads on a Minimalist Website?

So I recently decided to put up ads on my various blogs, including this one, to increase the passive income they generate.

I had a difficult time deciding whether or not to defile my clean and simple website like this, especially when you take in to account the frugal and non-materialistic lifestyle I am promoting. Ads just don’t seem to fit in around here.

But then again, I also see a lot of positives in doing it. So here is my argument against any objections I might receive from the minimalist police:


It doesn’t cost you time or money to support my work

My favorite way of making income with this blog is by writing about products I personally enjoy and use Amazon affiliate links to promote them. That way, I am only selling something I believe in, and that is relevant to the blog.

However, you have to buy it from Amazon, before I have any benefit from it.

With a classic Google Adsense ad, you don’t have to spend a dime to support my blog – you can just read my posts.


Gives me a better incentive to write

If I only where to use the affiliate links, I would subconsciously be more prone to write content about products, and thereby basically try to sell you something every time I wrote.

Now, after installing the Google ads, I always have a financial incentive to write about whatever I find most important and interesting.


This is an experiment

As I wrote about in a recent blog post, I would really love to not have to work a full-time job later in my life. This is why I am promoting a minimalist and frugal lifestyle – I want to quit the rat race as fast possible.

And one of the ways I am trying to quit this race, is by creating a profitable blog that can support me.

So the Google ads are kind of an experiment in this journey, and I will tell you about my results later on, so you might be able replicate them.


Install an ad-blocker extension in your web browser

I even wrote about this in an earlier post . I believe, anyone who wants to escape materialism/consumerism should protect themselves against exposure to advertisements/commercials – they simply affect us too much.

This is why I advise you to install an ad-blocker in your browser, even though I have ads on my website.


So that is that! Please let know what you think underneath.

Is it OK to have ads on a website that promotes minimalism?