Recommendation: ICONOSQUARE for Instagram

Here is a web-app I believe all bloggers and marketers, that uses Instagram frequently should know about: ICONOSQUARE

Instagram seems to be the most prominent social media channel these days, and a tool that can optimize your use of it is therefore very interesting to check out.

The app simply connects to your Instagram account, lets you manage it in a much more effective way, than you can on your smartphone, and provides you with very insightful data, that let’s you know, how you can optimize your impact.

Here is what I like about it the most:

Manage all comments easily

Effectively managing comments for Instagram

I think it can be a big pain maintaining all your relationships, by responding to all comments on your phone.

As shown above, ICONOSQUARE lets you see all comments you haven’t responded to yet, and it, of course, allows you to do so from your keyboard on your computer, which is much faster.

This is great for batching all your responding together in one task, and you can therefore, for example, set a reminder for yourself every week, saying you should respond to all recent comments on Instagram,in order to maintain relationships.


Get insightful data

The best time of day for posting on Instagram


The main feature of the app, is that it crunches the numbers, and let’s you know, how you post to Instagram most effectively.

As you can see from the chart above, I have for example learned, that I should focus on posting on tuesdays and thursdays.

I have always thought, that it would be a very bad idea to post early in the morning, even though that is my most productive time of the day. I have now learned, that does not seem to hold true at all.

The most impactful filter for instagram

Another interesting thing you can learn, is which of the Instagram filters that works the best for you. Apparently “Rise” has worked the best for me so far. Extremely fun to see…

This has been a very fun and helpful app for me to discover, and I actually intent to keep on using it in the future.
What about you guys? Have you tried it, and what have you learned?

How to get a blog post shared on Instagram automatically

I recently started sharing a picture of all my newest blog posts on Instagram.
I actually thought it wasn’t going to be a very good content sharing strategy, because pictures of my computer screen isn’t that attractive to look at.
However, I think it turned out to be a great idea, since my posts have gotten relatively many likes, and I have seen some spikes in the amount of visitors the website has had, since doing it.
So, now that I have decided, that this is going to be a part of my routine, to share a new post there every time, I have decided to automate the process, so that I don’t have to think about it again.
(This blog post is actually going to be the first one, going through the new process:))

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