Now would be the time to pay off some debt

Here is a time-sensitive post for you.

There is no question about it: times are good right now in the financial sphere. Stocks are going up (and have been for years), internet-articles about people living as daytraders are popping up all around, the Bit-coin craze is at an all-time high and housing prices are unfathomably ridiculous no matter which country you look to.

I am not here to try and predict a new crash in the market. I couldn’t possibly guess whenever everything blows up the next time. I am just saying that things aren’t at a low point these days.

The average amateur investor usually jumps on the train when everything looks shiny, and every banker in town is drinking champagne for lunch. But the capitalist/banker type is only partying right now because they have had stock in the marked ever since things looked a lot worse – so they are taking home a lot of profit at the moment.

So I believe that there is a lot of risk and potential for downside in getting invested in the market right now, and the rest of us, the regular mortal people, should probably stay out of it and allocate our money somewhere else.

You could look towards the safer option in bonds instead, but since the interest rates are so low in that field, your best bet is most likely to pay off some debt if you have any.

Next time you should get invested in the stock market is when there is blood in streets and one of your neighbors is getting thrown out of their house because they can’t afford it any longer. Then you invest in stocks or index funds, or what have you, like a real, cold and cynical capitalist.

Thanks for reading.

Make them work for you

With the urbanization, gentrification and economic polarization of modern society, that the developed world is experiencing currently, it is getting increasingly normal to talk about “an elite” that supposedly controls everything and isolates itself from the rest of the common folk.

I don’t know if this phenomenon of an elite is anything particularly new in human history. However, it is clear that the wealth is now getting more concentrated in fewer rich people, and that the western middle-class is getting smaller.

You hear in the media that a lot of people is feeling disenfranchised due to this dynamic, and much of the successful election campaign of Donald Trump was build on this platform.

With this post, I am not going to make any political statement about the matter, but rather highlight how most people can feel like the come out on the winning side of this power struggle with a very simple strategy.

For more than a year now, I have promulgated the minimalist lifestyle as well as the concept of early retirement on this blog, and a funny side effect of this has been a change in my attitude towards the issue mentioned above.

I feel like a winner in the most widespread social battle of our time, and I am not even breaking a sweat in the meantime.


My solution

I lead a very simplistic lifestyle, spend my money only on the stuff that matters (which isn’t many things), work in a very low-stress position for a maximum of 30 hours a week, save most of my paycheck and invest it in stocks.

The last part is important.

People tend to forget, what actually happens when we buy stocks in a company: we become the owner – the ultimate CEO!

It is very easy to buy a stock, it requires almost nothing of you and anybody with half-a-decent salary is able to do it.

A guy working in Walmart can become the partial owner of Apple (not a stock recommendation) after a handful of paychecks, and suddenly Tim Cook is working for him!

I often think about how all of the phd’s and master degrees among my fellow citizens are stressing themselves out to give me a return on my investment. I’m not doing anything, I am just giving them 100 bucks, and let them figure out how to give me 105 or 110 back a year later.

They are sweating, I am not, and they are supposed to be the smartest people in the country ?

With a little frugality and minimalism, you too can become the true master of the corporate world in whatever country you live in, and take pleasure from the thought of how the most ambitious people are now working for you. If they are the elite, while working for you, I don’t know what that makes you!