The best 5 minutes you can spend in the bathroom (at work)

You must wonder what the theme of this article is, when you first read the title.

You probably wouldn’t guess, that it is all about, how you can maintain your health and lower your stress at work, by executing a very simple manoeuvre, that I do daily.

In my time, working in a full time position for a large corporation, I have learned the value of taking a well deserved break in the middle of a busy workday. However, many people have a difficult time, getting up from their desk to do nothing – maybe because their boss are watching them, or maybe they are wondering what their colleagues will think.

Smokers have it easier in that regard. When they take a break, it is at least for a purpose, and it somehow becomes more acceptable.

I get around this whole issue, by using the bathroom in the office. Nobody is questioning, what you are doing out there (fortunately). Always remember, that you can go out there, to get your own space, and have a moment to breathe, or what else you like to do to calm down.


Here is what I do:

I like to, first of all, stand up when I get out there. I already sit enough as it is in the office.

Then I go up and stand next to one of the walls in the room, so I can make a stretching exercise in the chest.

It is the classic stretch you do, where you extend the arm and put it up against the wall, whereafter you rotate your torso away from the wall, to get a good stretch in the chest muscle.

This is a brilliant stretch to counteract, sitting hunched over the keyboard all day, and getting a better and more open posture.

While you are standing there stretching, one arm at a time, you should start focusing on your breathing pattern, to give your body a break and calm down your sympathetic nervous system.

A breathing pattern I like to do is “Box-Breathing”. You breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, breathe out again for 4 seconds and then hold it again for 4 seconds – and then repeat!

Try for instance doing 4 (or more) of these breathing sequences “on each arm”, until you feel completely calm again.

This is a great little trick for maintaining your health and posture, when you have a few minutes to spare at work.


Thanks for reading everyone!