We ought to make Playstations and Xboxs illegal

You might get the impression that I am into communism or totalitarianism based on this headline. But I am as liberal as they come, so I don’t really stand by it – I just say it to make a point.

This idea for a post came to me after watching the Netflix series on the Unabomber to make things even better!

It occurred to me that the massive health crisis we face in the developed world today is mostly coursed by technology, and there is almost nothing we can do about it. This evolution of our daily lifestyle that started around 50-60 years ago has already been set in motion, and it is too late to stop it now.

We move too little and have too much food available.

The overall economy has centralized all jobs around very few major cities in every country. Housing prices in the cities have gone up with this development, so most people work in the cities but live outside of them. This makes sedentary transportation forms such as trains and cars obligatory in getting to work.

The jobs that we have today are mostly sedentary as well and takes place in front of a computer screen. I have nothing against computer screens, but they sure do make most people’s workday immobile.

So if we sleep lying down for 1/3 of our day, and sit down for another 1/3 of our day due to our modern jobs, that makes it obvious that we have to find a way to stand or move in our spare time.

Sitting down, playing video games or other sedentary spare time activities almost becomes criminal when you look at in this light.

A big key to a healthier life, for most people, must be to cultivate a hobby that involves some kind of movement. Anything. Doing woodwork or gardening would be fine.

Technology has already dictated one-third of our day. We need to fight a little bit to keep the rest of our time human.

Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

Welcome to my dynamic blogpost about apps I frequently use!

I love finding new apps and technology, that can help me live a more productive life, and I have therefore made it easy for you, to find apps that have enhanced my life. Maybe they will do the same for you.

I use all of the apps underneath, and let me tell you how and why.



Evernote is without a doubt the greatest note taking app in the world. I mostly use it, to write down ideas I have for potential blog posts.

Once I decide, a post is actually going to be written, I move the note from the “Idea” folder to the “Projects” folder, and once something ends up there, it is certain it will happen.

I also like to keep track of all my best business ideas I may come back to later on.

Also, I use Evernote to describe processes for tasks, that I have assistants do on a frequent basis. With Evernote, you can easily share it, so they’ll quickly know what to do.

Inbox (for Gmail)



Google Inbox is my email client of choice. It is extremely clean in it’s design and very fast to use. It both has a great app for smartphones, and it is also fine to use in an internet browser, which I am a big fan of.

My email has for a long time been my to do list, and it is therefore very convenient for me, that they have made this a focus feature of the app. The best thing about it, is you can defer reminders for later, so if you don’t have time to do them now, you can get reminded later, without having to think about them in the meantime.


ifttt best app for productivity


IFTTT is short for If This Then That.

It lets you set up automations between other apps, so if one “trigger” goes off in one app, it will make something happen automatically in another app.

For example, when this article gets posted on the blog, it is going to be shared on all my social media accounts, saved in Evernote and many other things.

I give you many examples of automations for inspiration on the blog, and IFTTT is almost involved in everyone of them.

Fancy Hands

The virtual assistance service - Fancy Hands

Fancy hands is the virtual assistant service I use.

I am a big believer in outsourcing all trivial and uninteresting tasks in your life. The most “dumb” and computer related tasks, you can get your computer to do for you with a service like IFTTT. However, sometimes some of your outsourced tasks can only be handled by humans, and for them, you can use an on demand virtual assistant service.

I usually have automated triggers set up with IFTTT, so my virtual assistant knows when to go to work, without me having to ask him/her.

–           Example: An email that contains a specific keyword is received in my inbox -> Instructions on how the VA should handle it is sent automatically with IFTTT and a link to a shared Evernote document

For more tips on this: go to my Automation category on the blog.

I also recommend Fancy Hands’ smartphone app, which is handy because it lets you send voice request very quickly.


Best app for managing email subscriptions


Unroll.me is just the greatest way in the world to manage email subscriptions. It lets you see a nice overview of all newsletters you subscribe to at the moment, and then you can easily unsubscribe from the ones you want, with just one click.




Canva is a web-app, that lets you do nice designs very quickly.

It has all the features you need from photoshop – but here, you actually know how to use them. I for example made the featured image for this post with Canva – nice, huh? …. No, I know I am not a talented designer at all. But that is the great thing about it. With this app, I can at least make something, that doesn’t look completely horrible.



I have written about it before: I believe you should try and eliminate all unnecessary clicks from your life. And that is exactly what LastPass is able to do for you.

LastPass is a password manager service, that remembers all of your passwords. But what it also does, is auto-filling out all username and password fields, AND it hits the “log-in” button for you, which results in fewer clicks for you!

So install the chrome extension, and start saving clicks and brain cells, by never having to remember a password again.

Thanks for reading guys, I will make sure to update this post, as I find some interesting apps, so stay tuned!

Anything I should add? Please comment.

How you should back up your phone pictures automatically

We all take a lot of pictures with our smartphones now a days. This creates a fragile situation, because we do not want to loose those pictures, and our phone can very easily break.

Furthermore, storing the pictures on your phone, takes up spaces and slows it down – this is why you do not want to store your pictures locally on your phone.

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